November 22nd, 2014


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My brother's wife's baby shower is the weekend after Christmas and I'll be out of town with my son and newborn whom my MIL has never met in order to attend it. There's a good chance this is the weekend MIL will be visiting but since she never tells us until last minute, I have no idea for certain.

The question is: Do I kindly inform hated MIL in advance (to be the better person), knowing if that is the weekend she is planning on visiting, there will be drama, whining, huffing and puffing for months to follow, or, do I let her maybe finally learn her lesson for not keeping us in the loop and just let her be disappointed at the last minute?
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ground meat

Meat lovers of TQC: do you own a meat grinder or a food processor? Which is your preferred kitchen tool for meat grinding?

DK/DC/vegan - Do you regularly read a Sunday newspaper? In what format (paper, web, e-reader/tablet)?
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How should beef teriyaki be made?

Hey foodies of TQC, how should beef teriyaki be made? At some Japanese restaurants, the beef is delicious and flavourful. However, last night was the second time (at different restaurants) where I was served bland, sauce covered pieces of fatty meat. The first time this happened, I assumed it was because it was a cheap sushi buffet. What is normal for beef teriyaki?

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Do you think it is a reasonable societal expectation that if visiting a foreign country as a tourist, you should make an effort to learn a little of the language? Not a lot, but say, a greeting and "thank you".