November 19th, 2014

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Tips for keeping furniture chew proof?

We semi-impulsively* adopted a rabbit yesterday. We've put some cardboard boxes, wood and hay out for him but would rather he keeps away from our furniture.

He's taken a liking to a chest of mine and although it's not terribly important I'd rather not set a precedent for the rest of our stuff. So far I've been trying to distract him but don't want him to associate chewing with getting nice things.

For now I've moved the chest out of the way and put a box in it's place but as he gets more confident I imagine he'll start seeking it out again.

Is there anything I can put on our stuff which would deter him/protect the furniture? I've heard of masking tape being used and could possibly use hockey tape but I don't want to poison him.

If not I'll put bitter apple spray on the corners of things and hope he doesn't like it.

*We'd been talking about getting a pair for about a year and a half but had been looking for a potential class pet for my wife when we found him. Then we went off to have a think about him and took him the same afternoon.
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on iphone 5 c how do you lock the screen during a call?

I searched google, I tried bing. I keep reading about people with the same problem as me no real solutions.

So I came here.

I never used to have this problem. Now when I am on making a call it presses buttons such as playing music, making calls to other people, pressing keypad, face time ect. Iphone friends are like the screen should go black, it does go black it still presses buttons.

I did little reading it mention having certain cases can miss with it.

HOW do I lock my screen?

I used to just press the power button, now that ends my phone call.

I can accidentally lock my screen on a call, I cant lock it on purpose!

Does anyone else have this trouble? How did you fix it?

Airfare; That's Not Food!

I'm attending a wedding in Seattle, WA in late June of next year. I'm flying from northern Europe. When is the for real "best time" to book my ticket? Is there one? I have read a lot of conflicting opinions on this so I guess I'm asking to be bombarded with more, lol. Do you have any favorite International airfare watcher sites or travel blogs or articles to recommend? Thanks.

(I am a bit of a superplanner and am having a hard time resisting the impulse to just purchase the damn tickets NOW.)

DK/DC: Did you ever eat any (potentially toxic) nonfood stuff when you were a kid? I had toothpaste with Miss Piggy on it that I thought was super tasty and would sneak little nibbles of it from time to time. A friend of mine tried to drink banana-scented shampoo because she thought it would be good, but it was gross (big surprise there).

Jaw problem

The little boy I look after jumped and whacked his head against the bottom of my jaw/my chin. It really hurt at the time (he was fine) but stopped hurting pretty quickly. However, when I chew it feels weird right at the back of my jaw on the right hand side. And when I clench my jaw it is a little painful. Googling only seems to get dislocation (which apparently really hurts) and TMJ (which doesn't seem to be caused by a specific injury).

So Dr LJ, what has the 3-year old's head of steel done to my jaw? Should I use it more or rest it? I just started chewing some gum (out of habit) and am wondering if that was a bad idea. Am I going to wake up tomorrow with my jaw stuck or will I forget it ever happened?

DK/DC: What's your favourite hot drink?