November 18th, 2014


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Hello! I would like to send a care package to a friend for the holidays coming up. Personally, I would love to fill it with holiday cookies and candies but she doesn't have much of a sweet tooth.

So I am going to put in a small package of holiday chocolates but otherwise...I am stumped. I don't want to do a gift card, I want something to actually unwrap. It needs to be able to travel by post, though, so nothing that might leak.

What do I send?
Or better yet;
If you received a care package from someone, what would you want to be in it?

Don't know/don't care package: what's the weather like where you are? I have so much snow, there's a snow man invasion.

wicked games

In your opinion, is Cards Against Humanity overrated? I'd really like to have a get together where no one says "Cards Against Humanity" when asked "What game do you want to play?"
Music - Lynn Smile

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I have a Macbook that I got in 2010, and the charger has fallen apart. The magnet that attaches the cord to the laptop while charging has come off from the cord, and for awhile it was still useable - I could still stick it into the magnet and it would stay put. Now though, it's not going on as well as it used to, and the cord will barely stay in now. I need to get a new charger, but the reviews on the cord form Apple are absolutely terrible, and it's $80. The reviews on the knock offs on Amazon have mixed reviews.

Has anyone had to replace their Macbook charger? Which one would you recommend I get, $80 Apple brand name despite the terrible reviews, or the $20-30 knock-offs with mixed reviews?

DK/DC: What is a show or movie that you never think about watching, but when you see it's on, you HAVE to stop and watch? For me, it's Chopped. I love that show but I never think about it until I see it's on. Once I start an episode, I have to finish it.