November 17th, 2014


It's 3am. Do you know where your children are?

Why can't I sleep?

Dk/dc: What's your cure for insomnia?

I think tonight is actually my sleep patterns getting out of whack. It's the problem with insomnia and no strict timetable to stick to. I stay up all night staring at the roof, then fall asleep around 4am, then wake up at midday, which leads to being awake too late, and before I know it my sleep patterns are that of a vampire.

I've had this since I was 13, nothing has worked other than drugs (prescription and not). I've tried meditation, exercise, reading, diet, sex, many different configurations of room types (lighting/warmth/bedding), I don't hang out in bed anymore because that's bad for insomnia apparently. I'm lucky if I get one or two nights of OK sleep a month. I sleep well maybe a handful of times a year. Never two nights in a row.

Drugs work to put me to sleep, but most of them result in either crap sleep or big hangovers.

Is there anything I haven't tried?

EDIT: Actually, there is another question I'm interested in. How long does it take you to fall asleep (i.e. lights out to *lights out*). Mine is between 40 minutes and an hour.

EDIT2: Finally got to sleep about 6:30 and was up again at 10. I feel destroyed. I had a lot to do today, but now I just feel zombified. I had a coffee and now I just feel like I can't move and have anxiety :/

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Poll #1989353 Bad excuses

You just realized that a very important event your friend was having was last night and you completely forgot. What excuse do you give them?

I don't. They're my friend and this calls for a sincere apology, not excuses.
Ditto, but I'd probably grovel a bit too.

Fair enough, but that makes for a dull poll. Which one of these excuses do you use?

Kidnapped by aliens
Kidnapped by fairies
Primary form of transportation is really a disguised robot that needed my help saving the world
You're a secret government agent and your country needed you
You're a very life-like robot and you needed emergency repairs
You were just about to go in, when some old guy waylaid you to tell you some longwinded story about a terrible cruise and a seabird and you didn't want to be rude

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My cat, who is indoor/outdoor (lives with my parents, I have no say in this :/) and rather large (16lbs, not overweight, just...large) has a flea issue. The flea treatment my mother previously used on him successfully is not working. He's getting older (12 years) and I worry about his well-being excessively especially now that I don't get to see him as much as I'd like. Does anyone know of a safe/effective flea treatment for cats they could recommend? Ones that work on larger cats too?

I'm not sure the exact one my mother was using before (she left me a voicemail) but apparently it was from Costco...
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Crafting woes

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Anyway, the question is: Does anyone know where I can find satin-colored styrofoam balls for making ornaments that are about 3" in diameter, that come in a variety of colors (more options than just the standard red, green, white, and gold options), and that can be bought individually or in small quantities (like...3-4 balls per pack)? My Google skills are failing badly right now.


i've unfortunately become somewhat cynical as far as male/female relationships go, especially in recent years. after being cheated on and lied to by my longterm (now ex) boyfriend, i started to be fearful that maybe people are just too selfish, too shallow, and place too much emphasis on sex in their lives. i have significant trouble understanding hookup culture, and i have been increasingly stumbling across forums and comment threads full of "mens rights" types who make me feel worthless and like i have nothing to offer unless i'm young and attractive and letting men use my body.

these questions might seem silly but with all these recent anxieties i am having, i just want to feel like i'm not a freak and like i'm more than a slab of meat. feel free to answer as many or as few of the questions as you like

- is loyalty/fidelity just a farce? do you think we are really capable of lifelong monogamy?
- how high on your list of relationship needs is physical attraction and sex? what is highest?
- how do you remain optimistic about relationships with hookup culture being so prevalent?
- do you really think that men and women want different things from each other?
- how do you feel about porn? what role has it played in past or current relationships?
- how does casual sex compare to a committed relationship? which do you prefer and why?
- are you 100% convinced that your partner is interested in you on a spiritual/emotional level, and not just a physical one? if so, what aspects of the relationship have proven that?
- can you see yourself growing old with your partner, and actually still finding them beautiful/attractive as they age? why or why not?
- why do you think divorce is on the rise? do you think marriage is still taken seriously?
- are you more excited or terrified at the thought of settling down with someone?
- what would it take in a partner for you to want to "put a ring on it"?

any other comments/observations/insights would be appreciated and helpful. it's really sad that i feel so cynical because i'm relatively young and i never used to feel this way prior to the cheating. i want to be hopeful and confident that i can have lasting and meaningful relationships but i'm finding it more and more difficult to believe that anymore.

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When was the last time one of your credit (edit: or debit) cards lasted all the way to its expiration date without getting canceled because of a retailer getting hacked?

I can't remember. Seems like mine gets stolen about once a year lately.