November 15th, 2014

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Sucky immune system?

I have a really, really bad immune system. I've also had a very stressful year so, I don't know what's more to blame. But I'm really TIRED of getting sick every couple weeks. I am currently suffering through a terrible head cold. I work with the public so it probably adds a lot to my chance of catching diseases. I've been checked out by my GP and he says my blood work and everything is normal. So...

What do you do to boost your immune system?
Do you get sick often?
Do you believe your diet has a big part in that?
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legit call or scam attempt?

Something kind of weird happened tonight, felt like I could use another opinion on.

I got a phone call earlier this evening, my dad handed me the phone, and as soon as I answered, a woman's voice started speaking to me. She was talking very quickly to me, but I picked up on her telling me about my Amazon account and I think she said there was a -$800 balance and asked me something to the effect of if I wanted to/was able to get it settled on the line with her. I told her, "I don't know what you're talking about, I don't have any accounts." My dad heard me and took the phone back - I think he was afraid of me giving out any personal information over the phone, not that I was going to - and then hung up a few moments later. They didn't call back.

I don't have any account with the site, I don't even have any credit cards, so I figured it was probably a scam. Especially because I've read that scams usually go that way - they speak to you rapidly to confuse you and then want to have you pay over the phone. But an Amazon office came up on the caller ID - maybe it was legit? - so I started getting a little paranoid about identity theft or something. But I haven't gotten a single unpaid bill or any of those telltale signs in the mail, either. Since I'm not currently employed, I don't have any open accounts anywhere. So I'm mostly just confused. Should I be worried, or what?

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Anyone familiar with TMJ?  I've requested to join two FB communities on the subject but haven't been accepted yet.

My jaw is out of alignment.  I think it's been this way for years and has just gotten worse.  On my left side I can feel my jaw protruding, while on the right, everything is smooth.  My jaw pops about 50% of the time when I open my mouth wide enough.  It's loud enough that other people comment on it.  But most of the time it causes me no pain.

Recently I've had to go to several consecutive dentist appointments.  I guess every two weeks since the beginning of October.  So I have to open and close my mouth for 1-2 hours at a time.  It doesn't help that I'm always tense at that time because of my anxiety towards these procedures.  Afterwards I'm sore, but it goes away the next day.

Most recently, I had an appointment Thursday that lasted two hours.  I had a temporary crown put on.  The next day it came off and I had to go back to have it put back on.  I saw a different dentist and he said to the assistant, "She's got pretty severe TMJ, you hear that popping?"  And then nothing more about it.

Now.. well, I woke up and the left side hurt really, really bad.  I can hardly open my mouth without pain and I definitely can't put any real effort into talking, ie raise my voice.

My question is, is my pain possibly from having to continuously open/close my mouth and keep it open?  I assume it is, and if so, will this go away soon?  I actually have to have gum surgery Wednesday and I'm worried it wont be better by then, or it will, and then get worse again.
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Can you make yourself sneeze by tickling your own nose?

When I was a kid, I didn't understand the thing in cartoons where they make people sneeze by tickling their nose with a feather. I couldn't replicate it. But I've recently noticed that now I can.