November 14th, 2014

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Positive post!

What's something you're really thankful for or happy about today?
If you have a best friend, wanna brag about what makes them so great?
What are you looking forward to?
What is your goal for the next month?

My answers in the comments. :)
Sorceror's Apprentice

Beauty & skin depth...

Hey TQC, have you ever had cosmetic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic procedures? If you did, what did you have done? How did it turn out? Was it worth it?

If not: would you?

Would you do some procedures, but not others? Why? How much is too much?

dk/dc: When's the last time you went to see live theatre?
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I like the variety of engaging responses to questions here. Let's try a couple more.


Would you describe the last time or a memorable time encountering a creeper?

Do you have advice for avoiding or spotting them in advance? Why do they exist?

(no subject)

I'm thinking of buying my niece a game for Hanukkah (she will have just turned three when Hanukkah falls this year). Which game should I get?

Poll #1989100 pick a game!

which one?

Ants in Your Pants
Don't Break the Ice
Candy Land
Chutes and Ladders
Don't Spill the Beans

Job Applications

Have you ever applied to a job at a place where you knew the people hiring in a non-professional capacity before applying?

Brought to you by me applying for a job at my church. I used to babysit for the pastor regularly and he suggested I apply for it when I was over for dinner. He's asked for a CV and cover letter because they have to follow a clear process. I'm guessing I should just write a cover letter like I normally would (similar style etc), but it seems so awkward. Also, you know, church job, they're not going to care as much about how much I can sell myself... Is it ok to ask for details of what they want the person to be like? I've been sent a lovely detailed job description (it's 2 pages long) but it's just a list of things the job is likely to involve rather than specific skills etc required. I should just ask how much it pays shouldn't I? Or should that wait for if they interview me?
I hate job hunting.

DK/DC: Are there any series you would recommend that are on (German) Netflix? Tell me a little about it too. I've finished all the New Girl and Big Bang Theory they have so I'm looking for something new. I love Orphan Black, but only the first series is available and I've seen that already. I tried Orange is the New Black but I wasn't the biggest fan.