November 10th, 2014


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I'm on antibiotics for a terrible cold right now and I could use some probiotics for my digestive tract. However, I can't eat any dairy products or even anything with whey or casein. I'm also pregnant so I can't drink fermented products like kombucha, and I can't stomach sauerkraut or sour pickles.

What other readily available products could I take? Recommendations for OTC stuff from places like GNC or Whole Foods?

ETA: coconut milk is a natural laxative, so I'm afraid to stock up on coconut milk yogurt or kefir.
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Is there anyone in here who has type 2 diabetes and has gone through pregnancy?

Did you see a midwife or ob before becoming pregnant?
What was your A1c when you became pregnant?
What if any complications did you have?

Tell me anything and everything you know or experienced being diabetic and pregnant please! If you aren't comfortable sharing here you are welcome to message me.

My husband and I would like to start ttc at the end of December and I have a lot of questions and concerns about it because I am Diabetic. Of course I have a medical team that is awesome but it really helps to talk to and hear from other people who have had the experience.

Thanks for you stories and advice in advance!