November 9th, 2014

Childhood Nightmares

What was the scariest thing ever as a child? What TV show or movie gave you nightmares as a kid that you had difficulty watching again as an adult because of the memory of how scary it was? Did you face your fears? Were they as scary the second time around?

I used to watch Ghostwriter...until this episode with a slime monster made of bubble gum.

This thing gave 7 year old me weeks of nightmares. So what was it for you?

Other contenders included the Poltergeist closet scene and the banshee scene in Darby O'Gill and the Little People (which I still can't bring myself to re-watch).
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how do you deal with being broken up with by someone who was your first real relationship, had been together for years, and even proposed to you several months before?

have you ever broken up with somebody because you couldn't move across the country to follow them? have you ever wanted to do something but now that you have the money to, it's too late?

if you lived with them, what kind of stuff did you return? i have an engagement ring. and our kitchen utensils are all split in half. what a fucking mess.

i'm sad. tell me about your relationship stories.

are christmas lights appropriate all year round? i hope so. i just put mine up. they're clear on white wire.

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I'm sure we can all agree that beef stew is the most disgusting concoction that is supposed to pass as food on the planet. Strangely, though, there seems to be some people that eat it and even claim to like it.

Are people that like beef stew damaged in some way?

Of course
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Ear Update and a Discourse on Respect

I wanted to write an update on the problem I was having with my ears, which I posted about a week ago. It turned out that I just had liquid (probably leftover from the throat infection) trapped in my middle ear. I've included a graphic below so that you can see what I'm talking about. The liquid usually gets trapped behind the eardrum. I was able to help my ears drain themselves with a simple treatment of salt water steam and an ear massage technique which I borrowed from this page, which is maintained by a certified Herbalist.

Neither medication nor a visit to the doctor was necessary. I no longer had an infection, and as it turned out it was not a matter of there being any swelling but rather liquid retention, as stated above.

human ear anatomy

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Which brings me to the actual QUESTIONS for this post, which are as follows:
*Do you think that having respect for other people is important? *Do you believe that when you disrespect another person, you also disrespect yourself at the same time? *Are you capable of respecting other people at all times? If not, why not?

This post will serve as a good mirror. Your answers will reflect who you are.

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I'm having a craniotomy on Tuesday and I'm going to be spending a great deal of time in the hospital. I'm bringing my laptop with me so I can watch Netflix and just generally not be bored, but I'm looking for movie recommendations. I imagine I'll be out of it on pain meds, so I'm looking for things that don't have very intricate plots/don't require constant attention to enjoy. What would you recommend?

Dk/dc, what's your go-to comfort movie when you aren't feeling well? Mine is Howl's Moving Castle.
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gym choice

Dicatate my life, TQC!

I'm going to join a gym and I'm trying to decide which one.

Close gym:
-is an easy 15-minute drive away (20 if it's really traffic-y)
-offers 2 classes per day on the weekdays, including hula. I could only take 1 class on my trial day, but if I were going to teach a class with a mishmash of Pilates motions, barre work, and simple choreography, it would look a lot like that one.
-lets you use the studio when there are no classes there
-has a lot of swimming classes that are an additional charge, and do not let regular members use the pool when they are in session
-requires a minimum sign-up of 3 months

Far gym:
-is about 5 minutes farther away than close gym is (more if it's traffic-y)
-offers 3-4 classes per day on weekdays, including body ball. I took 3 classes on my trial day and absolutely adored the aquabics teacher (so much fun!), couldn't stand the abs teacher, and don't really remember the yoga teacher.
-does not let you use the studio when there are no classes, and the stretching area gets pretty crowded
-several of my friends are there, but several of my coworkers are there too
-allows a 1-month sign-up