November 8th, 2014


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I moved into a small apartment building in a new city a few months ago. I'm pretty sure that one of the tenants down the hall is developmentally disabled or has a mental illness. I've never met this person, but in the evening (and often during the day) I can sometimes hear some shouting (usually a yell every once in a while) and loud incoherent speech at irregular intervals. It usually isn't that bad, but lately it has been picking up. I'm a grad student and so I often like to study in my apartment and it's getting to be a bit distracting.

): Is there anything I can do about this, short of moving? I don't want to be insensitive and I'm not sure that there's a solution to this problem.

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So I've decided to try and make an apple pie to take to Thanksgiving dinner with my fiance's family.  (Possibly dutch apple?)  Except, I've never made an apple pie.  And my fiance already told his mom I'm bringing one (thanks, babe).  My family is way into Thanksgiving, but I usually cook other things and my dad mostly handles the pie department.

Anyone have any good/easy recipes?  Any tips for a newbie?  We'll be traveling 6 hours to said place and the pie will need to hold up for two days.  ie I make it Tuesday and we eat it Thursday.