November 6th, 2014

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The scenario: you parked your car at a shopping center. You're within the lines of the parking space, without any of that "encroaching on the line so you're just barely parked correctly" business.

You return to your car to find somebody standing nearby and looking pissed off. This person proceeds to lecture you about being more considerate when you park, because he or she had a hard time getting into her or his car.

How do you react? How do you wish you could react?

(Based on something that recently happened to my husband. He apologized but said he wanted to laugh in the person's face and say how ridiculous they were being.)

A quote about time...

I've been trying to find a quote on Google with little success about how technology has helped us save time yet we still don't feel like we have enough time. Does anyone know the quote I'm thinking of?
Thanks in advance. :)

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I got married when I was 24, to a guy that I was dating for about 4 years. Before our 3rd anniversary, he wanted out, so we separated and divorced.
A year later, I met another guy and we got married.
We have two children and are coming up on our 11 wedding anniversary this month.

My dad (and my stepmother) live in Florida (we live in DC), we visit once every two years or so.
We just got back from a visit today.
They moved into a new house and were showing us around. In one of the studies/offices, there is a plethora of family pictures peppered all around the shelving/room. Two of those pictures are 8x10s of me on my wedding day of my FIRST marriage.
I was frankly startled to see them.
It's not of my ex, but of my dad and me and then another of my sisters (who were my bridesmaids) and me.

I don't know if my husband noticed them. He didn't say anything and I haven't asked him yet.

Semi-privately, I asked him to please get rid of those photos. He questioned why.
I said it was disrespectful to my husband. He didn't concede, instead he offered to put them away while he was visiting and think about whether or not he wanted to get rid of them permanently.

I'm annoyed.
I really don't ever care about what pictures of me people choose to share and display but this just really is bugging me.
I had no children with my ex, and honestly have no fondness for the relationship. There is no reason for this picture to be displayed.

I'm trying not to be petty, but when it comes to being respectful towards my husband, I can't seem to let this go.

What say you?

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What's your favourite casserole?

Do you put tights in the washing machine? If no, how do you wash them?

Do you follow elections in any countries besides the one in which you live? Which ones and why?