November 2nd, 2014


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For those of you into visual arts—what mediums do you work with? Do you have a favorite?

Do you do art as a hobby, or is it part of your school or work?

What to you usually draw/paint? (People? Animals? Still life? Landscapes? Abstract art?)

Would you mind sharing some of your artwork?

(And this goes out to anyone who likes making art, whether you're a professional artist or if you've only just recently taken up doodling in your spare time. I want to see it all!)

Swelling inside ears & hearing impairment

About a week ago I was sick with a throat infection. I briefly took ampicillin (similar to penicillin) to treat it even though I'm more into natural remedies, because of the severity of the infection and how much pain it caused in my throat.

After a couple of days my symptoms were gone, but at the same time I began to notice a reduction of hearing in both ears. I'm assuming the infection has now spread to this region and is causing swelling, but the funny thing is I have absolutely no other symptoms, including no ear pain whatsoever.

People are telling me that I need to return to the ampicillin treatment in order to be completely done with the infection. But I don't prefer to do this for two reasons:
1. Penicillin-related drugs tend to make me feel bad, because they tend to contain sulfur to different degrees, which I'm allergic to.
2. For awhile I was taking aspirin consistently, which led to burning in my stomach and what seemed to be other symptoms of an ulcer. A little online research led me to the conclusion that I needed to stop taking aspirin completely and also cut out any other anti-infammatory drugs. This seemed to solve the problem. But recently taking the ampicillin, it seemed to aggravate the problem again, despite the fact that according to the research I've done, ampicillin does not seem to be anti-infammatory. As a side note, these stomach problems of mine would also cut out the possibilty of taking ANY sort of anti-infammatory medication.

And so, my question is, does anyone know any natural treatments that I can employ to treat the infection and/or the swelling inside my ears? I think that this time medications are right out, but I need to do something to help my body.

I am especially interested in treatments for swelling, as I'm not entirely sure I have an infection anymore. After all, it seems that an infection would be accompanied by some sort of pain.

Thanks very much for suggestions.
have a nice day >:-)
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I'm trying to dump the bottled water habit but I can't talk the family into a Berkey countertop system. ("We wants our water COLD from fridge!") Do any of you use a pitcher water filter system like Pur or Brita? Have you heard of ZeroWater? Any thoughts on it or any other systems?

dkdc What's a song you like by a band you hate? What's a song you hate by a band you like?

spoon collection

So I inherited a large decorative spoon collection from my late grandmother, and I'm at a loss about how to display them. She traveled a lot and got these spoons from tourist traps around the world, and I love them a lot.

Some of them came with wooden "spoon-holders" which can be mounted on the wall, but unfortunately they can only display a fraction of the collection. I've had little luck finding more of these spoon-holders, and my woodworking skills leave much to be desired. Plus honestly I only have so much wall space.

Any suggestions on how I could display them?