October 31st, 2014

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Costume cultural appropriation

Some friends of mine did a group Halloween costume involving a reference to a Bob Marley song. Everyone was quite conscious of the fact that it would not be okay for a white person to portray Bob Marley, so a black person took that role.

Many of the elements that make the Bob Marley costume recognizable are related to Rastafarianism. So it got me thinking... what's the difference between a white person portraying a black person, and an atheist (I think) portraying a Rastafarian? Do people just not care as much about religious cultural appropriation? Or perhaps not think of Rastafarianism as a real religion? Or, on the other hand, can you think of any examples of items associated with major religions that are so taken for granted that people forget that they're religious, and nobody bats an eye when they're used as part of a costume?

For example, the various forms of crosses you might see on a knight's shield (and the flags of many countries) have religious origins, but they're so iconic that we don't often think of them that way. Do you think a rastacap is that far removed from its religious origins?

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Ok, so I need some advice TQC.

I've been scheduled to work next week four days, from 5pm to 9:30pm. I put on my application I could not work any later than 9pm. This is because it makes my journey to get home, which is already 1.5 hours including an hour of walking, even more awkward. It gets more difficult to get the trains, and the streetlights go off late at night, meaning that if I finish at 9:30 I could be walking down a dark country road, on my own, at 11pm, and I'm not comfortable with that. Hence why I made it clear I couldn't do it.

The problem is I didn't realise this until today, and not until after my boss had left. I'm not working the weekend and I'm not sure she is, and then I'm scheduled to work Monday. Another problem is I've had a problem with scheduling before (I was scheduled for 24 hours in a week, when I can only do 16 a week due to other stuff going on in my life) and my boss said, and I (almost) quote, 'We employ christmas temps on the understanding that they will work whenever we need them too,' so I'm nervous I'm just going to get the same response again.

So, TQC, should I
a) Call up work tomorrow, talk to my boss (or whoever is managing tomorrow) and sort something out, it's not fair to ask them to do something I made clear I couldn't do.
b) It's too late to change next week's schedule, so give it a try and if I really can't do it, then ask to talk to her when I'm in.
c) Suck it up, be happy I have a job, deal with it.