October 30th, 2014


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Have you got a really annoying habit? Where and how did you develop it?

Brought to you by my tendency to say "Voops!" in a silly voice when I mess something up, thanks to my friend Greg and his silly voices.
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Last night I had a very vivid and intense dream that I was an abstract artist with a studio full of paintings and I was getting ready for a showing. I use to paint in my younger days pre-kids, but put it away because life got busy. I think my brain was telling me it needs to create again.

Have you ever had a dream that pushed you to do something in your real life?
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Costumes and Racism

So, there is a heated debate going on in my house right now. We all understand that dressing up in a costume that appropriates or caricaturizes a culture is racist.

One of my daughter's classmates is dressing as an (ancient) Egyptian and one of my children considers that a racist costume, the same as dressing up like a First Nations person (another of my daughter's classmatess is showing up to school in an 'Indian' costume tomorrow!) My other child is saying no, it's the same as if you were wearing a Viking costume  or Toga, or dressing up as a caveman.

Is it racist to dress up like a culture than no longer exists did? I'm mostly just happy my kids are thinking and talking about this, but... I admit I don't 100% know the answer to this one, either. What do you think?
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Hey there TQC. Kinda have an odd one for ya...

So I've been in a little bible study group for a couple of months now. There is one girl in it that I particularly enjoy a lot. We only really talk on the bible study nights and occasionally when we see each other at church. So we aren't super close. She recently wrote me a SUPER SWEET card for my birthday. And I heard this week that a family member of hers passed away. I got her a card and would like to write her a little something. I know there aren't really any words that can make someone feel better after the loss of a loved one.... but any ideas on something I could say? I have a couple of ideas, but could use a little bit of steering in a good direction to go with this one.

Thanks!!! :)
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I'm renting out a room in my house to one of my former co-workers.
I want to set some ground rules before she moves in to make sure we are on the same page and possibly write up a lease of sorts stating those.

If you were to have a roommate in your home, what are some things you would include?

Tell me about your best/worst roommate!