October 29th, 2014


Greatest inventions of all time

I've been looking at lists of the greatest inventions of all time (don't ask), and I have yet to find yarn (a generic term including thread) or weaving on any list. Do you think those should be up there with things like the nail or the button or Viagra (yes, Viagra is on some lists)? If you do, any thoughts on why they might have been omitted? Are they just too ubiquitous to be noticed? Or is this associated with the distaff side (yes, distaff is a yarn-spinning implement, and this is an idiom for women in a household), and therefore under-appreciated?

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Would you rather hang out with someone with inflated self-esteem who talks about how great they are all the time, or hang out with someone with very low self-esteem who puts themselves down all the time? Would it make a difference if the person with high self-esteem really does have a lot to be proud of/the person with low self-esteem really not have a lot to show for themselves? 

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Do you now or have you in the past been a sleepwalker?

When I was a kid I sleptwalk regularly.  My parents always managed to wake me or and features in our house helped to prevent me from doing bad things (a chainlock prevented me from walking out a door that had no stairs on the other side and was 6 feet off the ground for example)  I grew out of it.  Within the past few years I've been waking up and doing things while half-asleep, but I've always been able to vaugely remember doing whatever it was.  I'm worried I may have started sleepwalking again. This morning when I woke up I couldn't find my glasses or ipad.  I looked all over my bed and under the bed thinking I knocked them off my night stand in my sleep.  I found them in my living room, in random spots and all the lights were on.  I have no memory of even getting out of bed last night.  If this starts happening regularly, what should I do?  What would you do?  I worry because I live on my own and what if I leave my apartment, or turn on the stove.  

Pure O

Does anyone here know what 'Pure O' OCD is?
Does anyone here have/suffer from it?
How do you deal/manage it?

I've suffered from it for the past 7+ years and feel completely overwhelmed, lost, discouraged, and unmotivated. I've tried therapy and well.. I'm now turning to you TQC.

Any advice?


All or Nothing

Let's say there's a paradise/heaven that we can enter after death.  The thing is, everyone gets to enter or no one gets to enter.  That's just how it works; there's no judgement day or weeding out process.  The alternative is nothingness or non-existence after death.
Let's include beloved animals in this outcome, not just every human who ever existed (either conceived or born, whichever suits you).

Poll #1987288 All or Nothing
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Which outcome do you choose for everyone?

All enter paradise.
All cease to exist.