October 28th, 2014

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I'd really like to try my hand at rug hooking. A while back I won a starter kit with wool that was already pre-dyed and -cut, which is awesome, but since I have I have to make this according to the materials I have, it'll be easier to create my own pattern than try and find a pre-made one that'll work.

Since I'm a beginner, it'd have to be something simple, like an animal or floral pattern, rather than a picture of a person or something else complex.

Here are the colors I have to work with, as well as the burlap I'll be making it on (I'm cutting the burlap in half, though, the piece'll be half that size):

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I don't HAVE to use all these colors, and if I need others I can probably get them, but this is what I have to start with.

So my question is—what should I make a picture of? Again, I was thinking an animal and/or flowers. (And they can be crazy-colored, I'm not going for realism here, I'm just totally dry on inspiration.)

Custom Clothing?

I want a new winter coat this year, but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for, under-budget or otherwise. I'm thinking of trying to hire somebody for a custom clothing job, but I don't even know where to begin. Anyone ever hire somebody for something like this? How did the results turn out? Were you happy?

Alternative question: What's do you do to pass the time in really boring work/school meetings? Inspired by this meeting I had today that was 45 minutes long...and 44.5 minutes TOO long.
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What is wrong with my cactus?

My husband got me this little cactus 2 weeks ago. It was in perfect health at the time, but it has started getting yellow at the base. All three prongs are starting to do this, and it's getting sort of weak, like it wants to tilt. Any ideas as to what is wrong with it? Maybe I need to repot it? It lives on the window sill in my kitchen, which gets strong light all day.
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I am going to be running a small refreshment stand at an event I am attending. It is mostly social with some elements of activity (a few games are going to be run but nothing major).

I am going to be making cupcakes. I already have enough for fifty.
I plan on buying some bottles of water.

What else can I serve that is relatively cheap and yet delicious. I was thinking maybe vegetables and dip? Or cookies? Or chips?

This is not meant to be a meal-there will be dinner served later. If you were socializing-what would you want to see for finger food?

DK/DC: What was the last thing you ate? I had ice cream.