October 25th, 2014

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Selling stuff online

Does anyone know of some good online places to sell stuff (mostly anime and some older Barbies at the moment but I might add some other things to the list as I clean) that isn't eBay, Amazon.com, Craigslist, or Etsy? I don't think any of the stuff I'm selling really belongs on Etsy. I'm willing to consider Amazon but in the past the process has seemed really confusing, and they haven't always offered the option of selling whatever it was I wanted to sell. Craigslist is nice but it seems quite local, and my local area is small. I would like to reach a larger audience if possible. And eBay...well, I've been selling on eBay, but after dealing with several cases of extremely slow payment (and rumors that eBay is going to introduce some new seller policies I'm not too excited about) I have really gotten tired of dealing with eBay. I found a couple of Facebook-based communities for selling and exchanging used clothes. Does anyone know of anything similar for other items?

(PS: Someone elsewhere suggested FYE for the anime, which won't work for me because our local FYE closed, and I'm pretty sure they only gave store credits anyway. Since I'm pretty strapped for cash, I would prefer to get cash or PayPal payments -- you know, something that isn't limited to use at one particular place.)

Shocked statements

Me: "Did you hear about the most recent school shootings just north of Seattle?"
Friend: "Yeah, my only thought when I hear that they only shot one person is that they must have not been a very good shot and I would have done much better if I was gonna do the job right."

It was something along those lines, and it really shocked me. This is like a sweet, hipster 23 year old girl and I dunno, maybe I'm sensitive. What do you think of this remark?

Do you think everyone should get the flu shot? What do you think of people who either don't want to take it for paranoid reasons or because "I don't get sick enough to get the flu shot?"

Love, Marriage, and Divorce. Or Death.

Let's say you have a friend who got hitched in a hurry. You thought it was a bad idea but friend was super sure and enthusiastic about it, and the groom seemed not-terrible, so you shrugged and said "whatever."

Six years later they are in a rough financial position and your friend is chomping at the bit to get divorced.

Would you counsel your friend to stick with her husband until the rough spot is over? Or encourage her to get the divorce because the husband has turned out to be something of a disappointment/maker of bad decisions?

DK/DC: If you knew you were going to die soon (like you were terminally ill, say), would you throw a party for your friends so that they had a chance to see you and say "goodbye" in person? Inspired by a headline in Swedish news.

ATT iphone 4 compatibility

My son bought a used iphone 4 from a well-meaning neighbor. She is an ATT customer, and she got the phone unlocked (by Apple, I think) and sold it to him.

Now the question is, are there any networks besides ATT that he can run the phone on?


Culinary differences

I like to read food blogs and have noticed many differences. Obvious ones like Americans using Fahrenheit, ounces and cups in their recipes but also stuff like the following:

- American Marinara sauce: Tomato sauce
- German Marinara sauce: Seafood sauce (mostly tomato based), German tomato sauce is called Napoli
- Japanese Napoli Sauce: Often made with ketchup, wieners and bell peppers

Or self-raising flour, cake flour, bread flour and so on.

Ground chicken isn't avilable here, deboned thighs are a rarity, bone-in breasts, wut (In Germany)??? Also we can't choose between fat content in our ground beef.

Half in half?

But at least we have baker's yeast readily available and it seems like most Americans use dry yeast.

Have you tried any recipes from other countries and noticed differences in labelling, variety and more?
Animals - Bad Pun Dog

(no subject)

Help me make my life choices TQC!! I'm planning to go to grad school next year, and I'm struggling to decide if I want to do online or on location. I want to get an MLS (master's of library science) with a concentration in archives if possible, and I've seen a couple dual programs where you get both an MLS and a master's in history (my bachelor's is in public history) which I would LOVE!

If I do it online, I would likely move back to where I grew up (I'm currently outside of DC and it is SO expensive so I'd like to move out of here if I'm not going to go to grad school up here).

Here's my pros and cons list for being on location:

+ Can do a dual master's program (the schools I'm looking at do not offer this online)
+ I think I would do better in a classroom setting as far as motivation/connecting w/ professors
+ More opportunity for internships/jobs during and after grad school (I'm looking at either UMD outside of DC, or Simmons College in Boston)

- Cost of living is outrageous both outside DC and in Boston (from what I've seen)
- Doing a dual degree would mean I have very little time to hold a job, which I would absolutely need given the cost of living
- Doing a dual degree would also mean more credit hours, thus more tuition, thus student loans hanging over my head for the rest of my life

WWTQCD? I'm leaning towards online due to the money honestly, but part of me is wanting to say "fuck it" and just dig myself into debt lol