October 24th, 2014

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Old family photos.

After storing them for years, I've finally started going through my deceased parent's photos. There are numerous albums, but even more loose photos. Some are antiques - family members from generations back, some are baby pictures from our childhood, etc. There are just so many. I plan on scanning the best ones and putting them on CD for myself and my brothers. But my question is what do I do with all the photos? I feel weird throwing them away. I guess they could just live forever in my garage, but since I will have them on CD it seems kinda silly to keep the actual photos. I don't know what to do with them. Would it be awful of me to throw them away after scanning them? Suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

ETA: Thanks so much for all the responses and advice. I hadn't considered the unreliability of storing them on CDs. I have online accounts like Photobucket, etc. and I have a couple of external hard drives. I will figure it out. And I decided that I definitely cannot throw them away. Especially the very old ones. I will try to carve out time to organize and put into albums or binders the photos that I can't part with. Thanks again. You guys are great.
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Does anyone know anything about old dolls or the best way to go about trying to identify old dolls?

I found these two in a box of my grandmother's old stuff. I can't find any markings on them so I'm not even sure what to google aside from "bisque dolls". I'd like to narrow it down.

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Completely different topic:
I have an amazon wishlist and on September 21st it showed that someone(s) had purchased 3 of the items....it's now almost 5 weeks later and I haven't received anything and my wishlist still shows that they were purchased on the 21st.

Am I just impatient and they'll eventually show up?
Did they buy and then cancel the order?

Has someone ever bought something off your wishlist? How long did you have to wait for it to show up?

Never mind. I just talked with someone from amazon and it looks like they were "purchased elsewhere" so I won't be seeing them lol. Oh well. Thanks sushidog for giving me the idea that it might be that. Looks like you were right!

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Poll #1986699 Random hypothetical question of the day

A coworker you are not at all close with suddenly tells you that they are going to be getting married soon, and asks you to be in the wedding party. They explain that they have no friends (or siblings etc) to ask, and their family expects a traditional type wedding. They offer to pay all the expenses you might incur doing it, say it would be a huge favor, etc. Possibly they use the phrase 'you are the closest thing to a friend I have; or something similar. Would you agree to the request

Yes, I agree to be in their wedding party
No, but I would offer to attend the wedding as a guest
No, I would decline

ETA: apologies for poor punctuation there. accidentally posted poll before I had a chance to edit.