October 23rd, 2014

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Dream Interpretation

Have you ever had that common dream of your teeth falling out?

Would you be willing to share what was going on in your life around that time?

I've had one for the first time two nights ago and am trying to place its meaning. (Other than it's close to my birthday and I'm getting old - 39!) My dream also involved Alien DNA and neuro-virus aggressive dog amongst other things.

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10/23/1984(question-are these words any good?)

I think I may have been born today.
Long ago...In a place with no telescreen.
My mother says they eventually found him.
That nameless person she found in the only place of respite.
At least known to them.
It was a meeting place.
Where people went to hide
If only a short time.
Like I said they found him.
She saw it on the daily report
A regional segment where they go over the captured dissidents who dared to hide.
Luckily my mother was never found.
Otherwise I wouldn't have been born.
I'm also writing this in a secret journal.
For the lower class it's forbidden.
I guess I inherited it through the love of two strangers.
She says they said nothing
Just held each other close
Eyes closed
Senses electrified
Both knowing they were hiding from the same thing
Big brother
The father and the mother
And so now I go to that same place.
Right now they looking for me.
It was no longer a safe place.
I was hoping for a repeat of history
Im sure they will find me soon.
Im writing this as I hide
These may be the last words I can put pen to paper
If I survive i'll start another diary.

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I got a dip dye kit from Bleach London, it says to apply it to unwashed hair.

I need to wash my hair to remove some leftover temporary dye. How long should I leave between washing and applying the bleach kit?

Yesterday I was in my bedroom and I heard a rumbling noise coming from beside my bed, took me a moment to realise that it was my royal python farting. (Apparently royals (aka balls) are notorious farters but this is the first time I've heard her fart in 6 years of having her)

What funny unexpected things have your pets done recently?


On this morning's treadmill run, 6.66km ticked over while Iron Maiden's 'Number of the Beast' was playing on my iPod shuffle. I've been waiting so long for this to happen!

What was your most recent happy coincidence?
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Inspired by this article about Kathy Bates' accent on AHS.

Do you have a regional accent?

Can you detect them in others?

Is your accent the same as the place in which you live?

Do you have parents or relatives with a regional accent different from yours?

*I live in Baltimore and got a kick out of her version of the Dundalk/Essex/Middle River working class accent.