October 17th, 2014


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Okay, multiple questions here:

1. I'm having a craniotomy next month. Have you ever had a craniotomy? Can you tell me about your experience? Any tips for recovery?

2. I will be staying in the hospital for a while. What should I bring that I might not have already thought of? What would you bring for an extended hospital stay?

3. I will be shaving my head. Not because I need to for the surgery, but because I just cannot see myself wanting to deal with hair care during recovery, and my hair gets so matted when I'm staying in the hospital. Have you shaved your head? Show me pictures? Tips for keeping a bald head warm?

4. Got any good websites for buying wigs? Preferably not expensive real-hair wigs. Cosplay wig sites are awesome too.

idk/idc/i have never had my skull opened or been bald: could you show me your favorite gif?
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Hey guys, I have two savings accounts: A tax-free savings account that offers 1.0% interest, and a regular savings account that offers 1.25% interest.

Which savings account will actually give me the most cash back from interest/tax savings over a 6-month period? I have a substantial chunk of change that I need to park somewhere for the next half a year, and I'm not actually sure which account would yield more cash.The regular savings account has a 0.25% higher interest rate, but would the tax-free savings account save me more than that in the amount I wouldn't be taxed on my interest earnings? Totally lost on this one. I live in BC, Canada if that matters.
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So in English, when we say a number like 1500, there's a couple ways we can say it—fifteen hundred, or one thousand five hundred. Do they do this in other languages, or do they usually have just one way?

I'm particularly curious about French, because I had a specific question regarding that, but those of you that speak other languages, please feel free to answer, I'm curious about those too!

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when is the last time you were jealous of someone, and why?

I recently found out that a mutual friend has become good friends with the bassist of the band Grizzly Bear, whom I love. I'm jealous.