October 14th, 2014

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I have a crush on a girl I've been talking to for a couple weeks now. We've hung out twice, and I will be seeing her again tomorrow. She's a little hard to read, but I know she likes me at least a little bit lol. I'd like to do something "cute" for her, just to drive the point home that I'm interested in her without scaring her off. Any ideas?

Or is this a bad idea?
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Two unrelated questions

I took two Excedrin extra strength today at work for a bad headache, and after about an hour I started feeling really weird. Very wired, easily distracted, even kind of manic. Next time I take it I'm going to just take one to see if it gets rid of my headache w/out the weird "high," but I was wondering if any of the Dr. TQCs knew why it would have this effect on me, or has experienced something similar?

What credit card would you recommend to someone with good credit who doesn't need a large credit line (still would be nice to have a decently low interest rate though) and that has cash back or gift card rewards (definitely don't need air miles)? I was thinking about the Discover card especially and was wondering if you have it, would you recommend it?