October 13th, 2014

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I paid a photographer her going rate for a 1hr family photo shoot plus rights to the "best" images from the shoot on a CD.  When I got the CD back, there were about 50 images, most of which I like well enough but there are several where she had her camera focused on the background instead of the subject, making them pretty useless to me as photos.  This was not artistic license, trust me.I didn't choose this person for her skill as a photographer alone.  I chose her for her price, availability, and the fact that she allowed us rights to uncompressed photos so that I could do some work to them myself if they needed it.  I did think that her pictures were ok not great but I never imagined that she would turn over images that are really blurry as finished product.I have no desire to re-shoot anything with her nor do I expect any sort of discount or refund.  I have enough pictures that I can use. My question is whether I should let her know about these images that I feel are subpar?  I feel like as a client, she deserves honest feedback from me but I'm not sure if would be welcome or not.  If you are a photographer, would you welcome feedback about the quality of your work, even if it was negative?One of the images in question is here.  Excuse the wonky faces, I take total responsibility for that lol. I was going to embed but the photo was already on this site and my skills suck so.


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I'm on my way to Denver for the week. I have previously gone to the zoo and the planetarium. I am staying near downtown and will not have a car. What should I do or places to check out while there? Thanks.

Bad taste party

What would you wear to a bad taste party?

I got invited to one and it may sound arrogant but I don't think I own stuff like that. I prefer muted, dark colours, I own nearly no prints and don't want to buy stuff just for one party.

I've googled and people advised to wear brightly coloured clashing clothes, with leopard/tiger print, terrycloth stuff, or sweats with "greasy" hair, tattoo necklace and aldi plastic bags as purse and lots of garish eye make-up and dark lipliner.

I have a pair of purple Adidas sweatpants, maybe I should combine that with thick white socks and black pumps, an Aldi plastic bag? What about the top?