October 9th, 2014


How Can You Tell If Someone is Jealous of You?!

I don't like judging people or put up conclusions right away without knowning all the facts. Whenever I meet someone and they find out more about me they start avoiding me. I like to know the whole thing and always give them another chance and think of excuses for them even though sometimes it just doesn't seem to be the case.

I looked up in google and found signs that show people who are jealous of you, some of them apply but still I want to ask here with, you know, interactive people and not just reading. I'll write about 2 stories that happened with me:

First, met the girl online and we were talking about language learning. She was saying all what she knows and how she studied outside. I was just listening when she asked I told her what I know, which was pretty near to hers except mine was self-teach, she started to treat me coldly with a bit of rudeness till she finally went away. I thought maybe she just didn't want to.

Second, a girl at work. She is beautiful and smart and always talks with our boss. When I got to be the secretary to substitute the one who was on vaccation, naturally I was the one who would talk with him on the go since we have work to do. I used to get to his office a lot, she wouldn't come in and talk with him outside the department till she finally asked me "when will you stop being here?!" I didn't explain her deeds but it seemed odd to ask that question. She'll find out sooner or later when I'll be out, no?!

These are just two, there are number of them but I thought I'll ask with these. Seems like whenever they find more about me they avoid me, be rude at some points and in some cases discourage me. Does that count as they are jealous?! And what can I do about it?!

Note: I have many friends online and offline who are totally okay with my presentation and we're the best, I treated those who I assumed were jealous from me the same way but they turned off. They are few compared to the ones who know me and not every single person I met moved away! Also, I'm a nerd girl with brain which I think is not attractive in any means in a world where people look up for beauty, appearance and fame. I'm asking this question to know what turns people off & how to develop myself.

PS. Considering cultures difference, self-teach isn't valued or acknowledged much here where I live.
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I'm still struggling with my mental health, and it's affecting my work. Fortunately, my higher-ups ROCK.

I have been given Monday off as a mental health day, and it has been suggested that I "throw myself a Pity Party" - cry, sleep, get things out of my system, just baby myself until I feel somewhat better.

What do you suggest? Crying and sleeping will probably get tiresome after a few hours...

Unrelated second question: what is your favorite season?
The X-Files - Scully
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Museum questions

I'm going to the West Coast in May next year. San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

I really want to go to a Madame Tussaud's and Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

Madame Tussaud's is in all those cities, so which one would you recommend?
And is the Ripley's in SF or LA the best?

idk/idc/etc: Who is the greatest actor/actress of all time?

Even Canadians Get A Day in the Sun

Canadians of TQC, when are you celebrating Thanksgiving? My family is doing it on Monday, but some of our friends are doing it anywhere between tomorrow and the 13th.

Everyone: What do you typically have for Thanksgiving?

I'm going to roast a chicken because I can't find a turkey small enough for my needs (my dirty, dirty needs. Just kidding. I'm talking about cooking. Maybe), mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, lumpia, pan de sal, and a cheesecake.
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evil spices

Are you allergic to any spices, or do you know someone who is?

I had a co-worker who claimed to be highly allergic to cinnamon, said her lips/tongue/throat swelled up if she got cinnamon accidentally. And I had a friend whose husband was violently allergic to cumin; he would have intense vomiting etc. if he got even one bite by accident.


have you ever worked from home before? did/do you like it? if you don't currently, would you ever want to work from home?

I recently started working from home almost full time, and I do like it for the most part, but I'm afraid I might somehow also become a hermit and miss social interaction with my office buddies.