October 6th, 2014

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I've made a few rugs that I'm hoping to sell(in person) soon but I'd like to attach something to the bottoms of them to make them a little sturdier.

Here is a picture of the kind of rug I've made. Although the fabric is tightly woven together it's very easy to pull apart if you're not careful.
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Does anyone have any ideas on what kind of backing I could use? Right now I'm transporting them on large pieces of thick poster paper.

What was the last crafty thing you created? Can I see a picture of it?
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Names and Pronouns for Transsexuals

A little background before the question. My story takes place in a sort of (severely Patriarchial, Sexist) Victorian-like culture where the roles of people are divided on the basis of their gender, i.e. 'women nurture' and 'men provide'. The only thing is that, in this society, "man" is a blanket term for males and trans women with male genitalia (what is commonly referred to, in porn, as 'Shemale'), and "woman" is a blanket term for females and trans men with female genitalia (who have the possibility of carrying a child to term)... and any two individuals can get married as long one is "man" and other is "woman".

One of my lead characters has parents who are both trans (the character himself is a trans male with female genitalia... aka 'woman').

Now, the question is would he refer to his father (the person who carried him), as 'mom' or 'dad'? And the person who provided the sperm, his mother, as 'dad' or 'mom'? Also, when assigning pronouns to the parents, would it be weird/insulting, if I write, say '...(male) mom raised his hand, and (female) dad sat down to eat her dinner'?

Finally, naming the kids... Since the kids are tested at birth, I'm guessing, in case of trans individuals, their names might want to reflect their primary/secondary sex as well. For eg. the male character who is a "woman" would be called 'Bryan Janet Surname', while the female character who is "man" would 'Jenny Thomas Surname'. Does that make sense?

Research: Google tells me that transsexuals and transgenders are two different things, where "Transsexual" is primarily about the external (and internal) genitalia and there is pretty much no doubt in the person's mind which side they belong to, and can get a reassignment surgery if they so choose, while "Transgender" is a broad-term which deals with individuals who don't conform to the gender norms of the society... including cross-dressers, androgynous people and bigender/intersex people. My story deals ONLY with transsexuals.

[Note: This story does not take into account non-gender conforming/bigender/third-gender (as we Indians refer to them) individuals (Intersex are given a pass because their gender can be guessed/assigned at birth). The children are tested once at birth to guess their gender, and once at puberty to determine their sexuality. There is no scope for gender reassignment. You are stuck in the body/role you are assigned, whether you like it or not.]

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)
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Can a landscape loom menacingly or is it just doing its own thing?

Srs/non-srs ;)

Brought to you by the odd wording of my seminar presentation on a Rembrandt painting :)

Don't know/Don't care/What's wrong with looming menacingly as long as it's done quietly: Who is your favourite artist?