October 5th, 2014


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what's the last thing you ate that satiated a specific craving you had?

for example, right now I am dipping Ritz crackers into cheddar broccoli soup, and it's exactly what I wanted right now.
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MP3 players?

Can you suggest a good MP3 player?

One of my 160GB iPod classics is crapping out, saying there's no songs on it even though there are many GB used up. This happened twice in less than a week and I'm paranoid that it'll fuck up again.

Well since they don't sell the iPod Classic anymore (damn you, Apple!!!) and I don't want to buy one on amazon for double the price, I'm contemplating getting a non-Apple mp3 player.

What I need:
- long lasting battery (I listen to music 8+ hours a day)
- huge capacity (I have over 80GB of music/podcasts and I don't want to delete)
- playlists

Please don't suggest using a phone because I can't use phones at work.

Also, I have no Apple store where I live (I have to take a $200 round trip plane ride to get to one).

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What's the last weird thing technology has done to you?

While shopping, a chunk of cheddar scanned as minestrone soup. Just once. After that the system knew it was cheese, so I couldn't void it myself.

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someone has chosen a tree in my front yard as a designated stray cat feeding station. there's a little bowl of cat food and water out there all the time. I ignored it, but then someone who visited me was like "you let someone else feed stray cats in YOUR yard? that's unacceptable, you'll have strays here all the time!"

What are the positive and negatives of having stray cats around my house? I figure it's outside, I don't have to buy the food, we'll have fewer mice maybe? there are worse things, right? would you allow this?

Special Party Tricks

As a college student, early in each class, we are generally forced to share something about ourselves that is different than most people, sort of as an ice breaker. When asked this question (in classes or elsewhere), what to do you share?

Two things:

1. (most often shared) I have dissected a human. Legally.

2. My ex drummer is now in the Smashing Pumpkins, which makes everyone I know six degrees (or less) from Kevin Bacon.

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I need Kingdom Hearts advice. :b

I've never played any of the games. Where should I start? I'm confused by all the remixes...does one of them come with Kingom Hearts I and II? Or are the remixes different games entirely?