October 4th, 2014

Parks and Rec Leslie and Ben

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

What are you going to dress up as for Halloween? Or, if you have them, your kids?

We're doing a Trunk or Treat at work (trick or treating in our parking lot at work for the families). Two years ago, I did a Mad Scientist theme, and then last year was a Witch's Lair. Both involved some lights and dry ice (looked really cool, really easy to do). This year, I'm stuck. I was going to do Frozen since all the kids love it, but then a few other families are also doing Frozen themes. Any ideas for a sweet theme for my trunk?

Favorite Halloween movie?
D&M → 2
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Credit help.

Long story short, I have 8 credit cards (and 7 of them are store cards) that I have never been able to pay down completely. I will be getting a decent check from school soon and I'm setting aside some money to go towards my cards. Which is more likely to help my credit/which is a smarter choice?

A.) Put the majority of the money towards my biggest (highest balance) card. It will then be more than halfway paid off and it will lower my monthly payment.

B.) Pay off two or three of the smaller (lowest balance) cards. I'll have two or three less bills monthly, but I'll still be stuck with that high balance card.

C.) Split the money up among the cards. I'll still have 8 bills to pay each month, but the minimum payments will most likely go down.

Any advice?!