October 2nd, 2014


Warm Snacks, Shift Key

What are your favorite hot/warm snacks? Preferably that are low-prep and reasonably healthy. In the summer I basically live off of fruit: fresh fruit, smoothies, and so on. They're tasty, but they don't really warm you up, and thus in the winter they become dramatically less appealing. I do drink copious amounts of tea but that's not food.

Which shift key do you use (if your keyboard has more than one)? Mine has two, and I don't think I've ever used the righthand shift key in my life. Not when I type, at any rate.

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Which do you suspect is worse, the real CIA or fictional versions of the CIA?

The real one
The fictional versions
I can't choose
I won't choose, I don't want it going in my file
What? The CIA is great.
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Locked doors

I am reading the Let's Not Meet subreddit and there is one constant thing which puzzles me quite a bit.

Like: 'we left our frontdoor unlocked and some creepy person walked in'

Most of these had American OPs so is it common that you can simply walk in when the frontdoor is left unlocked?

Here in Germany (or at least in my home and various homes I have visited) even if you leave the door unlocked you can't enter from the outside. You have to insert the keys, turn them and then the door opens (while you push).

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on Sunday when I have dinner with my sister I always bring a dessert. This weekend I'm trying to decide between chocolate and peanut butter bars which are a short bread crust, a layer of peanut butter and a layer of chocolate or millionaire's short bread which is shortbread crust, a layer of caramel and a layer of chocolate. Which should I make?
Coke can

Video Montage

I'm looking for a specific amazing video montage that I cannot for the life of me find anywhere!

I watched it a couple of months ago and now wish I had saved the link. It was by a photographer, I think they were French? but can't remember. He had taken a photo of his daughter every day for a year. The photos are stunning and all shot in very different ways.

I cannot find it anywhere now. All my google searches just give me montages of videos (1 second a day) for the child's 1st year.

Please help me find this. It's driving me nuts! Thanks