September 30th, 2014

Surviving retail?

I've decided to look for a second job so I can pay off my student loans in a shorter amount of time. I've been job hunting every day for the past two months and it seems like the only jobs currently available are retail jobs. I worked as a cashier at the BX/PX on a military base for 3 months when I was younger and ended up quitting because I couldn't handle the rude customers. I'm a very emotionally sensitive person and I don't do well with customers that get in my face or are extremely rude. I know it sounds like I'm definitely not the right person for that type of work environment but I want to learn how to not let those customers upset me so much. Everyone tells me to just not take things personally but that's easier said than done. Do any of you have any advice for how to overcome my anxiety with rude customers? 

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Has anyone successfully tried natural remedies to treat eczema/psoriasis type of flare ups?

My 3 year old daughter has it all over the back/front of her knees, in her elbow creases and some on her chest and back, it's so unpleasant for her. I've tried some medicated over the counter ones and some prescribed by the doctor, but a lot of them just seem to make it worse.

Thanks in advance!
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vision problems anyone?

So my optometrist sent me to an ophthalmologist.

He seems to think I have the beginnings of glaucoma. I don't have eye drops or anything, he says he just wants to monitor me. He says things look good, and see you in 6 months. I have gone twice.

I think that despite my good vision at present, and that no one makes that big a deal at the doctor's office, the fact that he wants me back again in 6 months again, makes me think that it is potentially pretty serious.

From what I have read, glaucoma is manageable with eye drops and sometimes surgery and I haven't been given any indication that I will lose my vision... yet.

I am nevertheless wondering if I should be thinking of how my life were to change, if I were to have low vision at some point.

I do graphics for my job, as long as I could do that I would feel alright. I do sewing and knitting for fun, I could already use a big magnifying glass as my reading glasses don't seem to cut it. I don't drive at the moment, I could live without doing that. I would probably get more into ham radio and listen to more radio & podcasts.

Anyone have a family member or friend who deals with this, or do you yourself?

Latin America

What Latin American countries have you visited? Or if you're so fancy and visited a bunch of them, what country did you enjoy best?

Is there a memorable incident that happened to you on a trip? (hope it's not something that's too scary and is more of something that's odd/funny, interesting, or even embarrassing. You can tell me if it's something scary though.)

Did you do any outdoorsy stuff? Plz tell me what you did and what the place is called where you did the thing.

Kitten help

I have two 5 month old kittens. One male, one female. Long story short I adopted them to help with the maternal instincts because I couldn't conceive, then a month later I conceived. I'm currently almost 10 weeks pregnant.

The kittens are in good health, not done yet because no vets around my area will take them until they're 6 months. I live on a really busy road so they're kept indoors.

The last 4-6 weeks they have been crazy clingy with me. Especially the male cat. I don't let them sleep with me and my husband in our room, and never have. But they will scratch at the bedroom door and screech to be in. They actually wake me up during the night, and I'm trying to enjoy as much sleep as I can before my tiny human keeps me awake too. During the day I give them as much attention as I can and the both usually end up curled up on me.

Any idea why they're so clingy? Any idea how I can calm it down?

Also if anyone has any tips on how to prepare my fur-babies for when my human-baby arrives, they would greatly appreciated.