September 28th, 2014


How do you find a hunting partner?

My boyfriend is very into duck hunting. Last year, the people he had been hunting with for years decided they were more interested in deer and bow hunting. This year has been the same and nobody is interested in going out for duck. They have invited him bow hunting, but due to work injuries, he's unable to handle a bow well anymore. He is depressed and discouraged and in the mindset that he's never going to have people to go duck hunting with again. How do you go about finding new people to hunt with, outside of your friends/coworkers? For potential reference, we're in Wisconsin and between Green Bay and Milwaukee, but he is always willing to drive for hunting.
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Were you a Boy Scout, Girl Scout/Guide, or a member of a similar organization? Until what age?

I was a Brownie/Girl Scout until fourth grade. Then it got intensely boring and I quit.

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What illnesses did you have as a child and then got again as an adult?
Did you find that having it as an adult was an easier or harder recovery?

I have strep throat and it's awful :( I don't remember it being nearly this bad when I was little. I realized I might have strep when I had a sore throat plus a 103 fever tied with intense shivers and alternating with hot spells. I don't remember getting a fever with strep back in the day - just an intense sore throat. I'm also dizzy and have a constant headache.