September 27th, 2014


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Do you have a permanent form of birth control? How did you arrive at your decision to do it?

I'm 24 and probably pretty fertile. I don't want biological kids, but I'd love to be a foster parent someday. I've had some serious struggles with birth control and I have two options left to try: the arm implant and tubal ligation. I'll probably try to implant first (with my insurance, it's free, so seriously, might as well), but I'm not hopeful because I've had problems with literally everything else.

When I had to have my IUD removed (less than five minutes after having it put in, new record?), my doctor asked if I'd considered permanent forms of BC. I haven't, because I didn't think they were an option for a childless 24 year old woman. I won't be rushing into any sort of decision, but I feel torn and really confused. I love to hear some stories from people- men or women, with or without kids- who've had it done. 
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History nerds of TQC, can you recommend some good resources for starting to learn more about the Middle Ages/medieval period?

I'm mostly interested in Europe, particularly the British Isles, and I'm more interested in things like social structures, food, clothes, music, and aspects of everyday life (at all levels of society) than I am in big battles and how many people died in them. I'm not too picky about the TYPE of resources. Books, websites, documentaries, article, they're all good.