September 25th, 2014


Seeking a product that may or may not exist

There are loads of blank books for recording things like your family history, autobiography or daily journal prompts, but are there any designed to help you build an actual scrapbook of a year in your life? Like where it asks about books you read, photos of trips you took, "paste ticket stubs here," etc?

Like a Wreck This Journal, but creating instead of destroying. I need a Build-Your-Own-Scrapbook tutorial, basically. Or, since I can't go back in time and take this class, are there any websites with template ideas? (of actual content, not just designs)

Inevitable alternate question: have you ever made a scrapbook, or known anyone who has? Discuss.

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Faking orgasms; Have you/do you/would you/should you? How do/would you feel about your partner faking their orgasm?

DK/DC; Is Ello worth doing? What does it have that LJ/FB/G+/MySpace doesn't have?

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If you have a child, did you do a pregnancy/newborn book (or scrapbook) of some kind?
Did your parents do one for you?

Off topic:
Can anyone suggest a good camera that takes amazing pictures, but isn't ridiculously expensive and isn't totally professional?

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Should I stay or should I go?

There's a mixer at a bar for students at my grad school. It happens once every week, and this is the first one.

Pros: I'm new, living in a city and I'm feeling just a (tiny) bit lonely. I think should try to be proactive about meeting new people (I haven't made many friends yet), and this could be a nice way to do that. I enjoy going out and a bar event might be a fun way to get to know my classmates and loosen up over drinks.

Cons:  The bar is about an hour away from my place on public transportation, so it is a bit of a pain getting there and back.

I'm also feeling kind of socially drained. We had a very lengthy orientation. I had lunch with a group of new people today and I've signed up for another event tomorrow. It's been a lot of small talk and 'team-building' type exercises for the past couple of weeks, both of which I find exhausting.

There's a lot of people at my school and so it will likely be crowded tonight - mingling with such a large crowd of people might not be the best way to make friends at all.

If you were in my situation, would you go out or stay in tonight?

If wishes were fishes...

I remember making absolute soul-filled wishes as a kid. I sometimes lol at what my life would be like, had I been granted those wishes as a four year old.

I would now be married to Bo Duke and living in a pink, pink castle with several horses. If Bo Duke turned me down, I planned on marrying the lead singer of the Bay City Rollers as backup. (Yes, I realize I'm totally dating myself here.)

How 'bout you?
Chandler & The Drill

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Is there anything that you're good or competent at now that you couldn't do at all a year ago, or anything you were bad at a year ago that you can now do quite well?

DK/DC: Do you have a favourite quotation or proverb?
あ - Franken Fran

Animal cruelty officially a crime against society.

Did you know that animal cruelty cases will now be tracked by the FBI?

Answer any/all:
Do you support this decision?

Would you say there is a pattern between cruelty to animals and cruelty to people? Why?

Have you ever known someone that was cruel to animals or advocated tormenting them?

Were they punished? Did they out grow it or did they become more violent with age?

Does curbing such behavior in childhood matter? Is it taught or innate?