September 21st, 2014

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Is there anyone who has died that you wish you could speak to again?

How would you react if a stranger told you that she had a message for you "from beyond"? What if this person provided details that they had no way of knowing?

You believe in psychic abilities? Has anything ever happened to you that defied a logical explanation?

This post is brought to you courtesy of a conversation with a friend who wants me to talk to a so-called medium that she met. I believe that if my parents actually could come through, they'd just yell at me for spending money on a medium. hahaha


i just got my class A commercial drivers license. That means i will soon be a long haul trucker.
I will need a place to park my big rig for 36 hours once a week or so.

Can I park in your drive way??? shower at your place and do my laundry?
i'll sleep in my cab...that's not a problem...unless its cold.

  • akktri

Station X

This is either the most idiotic or the most brilliant idea I've ever had. I just can't decide which because I am blind to its flaws.
The idea is a simple one channel television that you drop into third world nations, to broadcast information to them.
In theory, one channel would mean you wouldn't need to repair the device as much, or at least would cost less due to lacking a channel changer, maybe volume controls.
You'd power it with a wind up crank or it could be solar powered.
I can't decide if the recipient should have control of the on/off switch or not. It could be activated remotely.
You could broadcast messages to educate the people, or try to convince them of a political agenda, and you could actually use pictures and video. You could teach them about purifying their water, preventing AIDS or democracy or teach them a different language.
The whole village could watch this television, if it got in the right hands.
This item would be air dropped, so you wouldn't be killed by whatever government that owns the territory. Obviously, this means the TV would also be designed to be extra durable or packed well so it doesn't get smashed up.
I have a suspicion that this whole idea is garbage, but I really can't figure out why. Maybe someone else can?