September 19th, 2014


picnic contents

This weekend I'm going on a picnic and I'm a looking for ideas on what food to pack.

no alcoholic drinks allowed, people eating are vegetarian (but still eat cheese and egg products)

right now I'm thinking cucumber sandwiches for the "main" dish because I have a few I need to use. but beyond that I don't have any good ideas.

What should I pack?

ETA: This picnic is myself, my SO and another couple we are friends with. the friends are bringing drinks but no food.

known allergies: almonds, walnuts, raw peaches.

dk/dc/im a robot who doesnt eat: iggy azalea. love or hate?
she blinded me with science!

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I fired my pellet rifle straight down into a 5-gallon bucket of water, hoping to recover the pellets and study the rifling marks and deformation of the skirt. But it appears that they were striking the bottom of the bucket with enough force to cause significant deformation. One of them may have even left a mark on the plastic.

How big a bucket do you think I need to trap a .22 pellet with about 30 fpe? Maybe a cattle tank? Any other ideas? I've heard of firing into plastic grocery store bags wadded up inside a piece of PVC pipe...
if i may

Study: Human Ability To Cooperate Most Strongly Exhibited When Ordering Pizza

You're ordering pizza with a group of people. Do you make a case for your favorite toppings, or do you just say "I'm fine with whatever" and let the rest of them work it out? Somewhere in between?

What are your stipulations for pizza toppings? Which ones do you dislike enough to say, "I'm fine with anything except for ___"? Conversely, are there any you just have to have?

Are there any other aspects you're particular about? Do you advocate for a certain type of crust? Are you picky about which places you'll order from?

And when they finally do decide, do you offer to pick it up, or do you keep quiet and hope someone else steps up to the plate? (Or do you just try to convince everyone to chip in for the cost of delivery?)

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Do you have an iPad? What kind? How long have you had it? What kind of case/cover do you use?

What are your must have's to keep in your carry on? Especially if it's going to be a good amount of time between departure and arrival (though not necessarily all in the air)
a few fave things
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Say your sort antisocial. Suddenly you been hanging out a lot, getting a lot of social in. Then there's a sudden drop in that social....

how does one go back to being a loner and being content with being alone, when they got used to all that social?

been fighting off feeling down, It's like I forgot how to be a loner.

how does one become content with being single?

while I'm asking questions. How do you motive yourself to work out when you feel what's the point, always going to be chunky, have no one to impress, food is tasty.