September 18th, 2014



Has anyone else had their Facebook account locked because FB thinks they're not using their real name?

Just happened to me, doesn't seem to have occurred to them that people living in Ireland can have names in the Irish language.
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When you are rhyming, is it cheating if you rhyme one word with another word that is just the first word with letters added onto it? i.e. rain and brain.

Is it cheating if you rhyme one word with one word with a word contained entirely in the first word? i.e. chair and hair.

Is it cheating if you rhyme two homophones? i.e. pair and pear.

Is it cheating if you rhyme two homonyms? i.e. lighter as in weight and lighter as in the object.
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Relationships and Mental Health?

I have no idea where to ask this question. Everyone here seems relatively knowledgeable and supportive.

My boyfriend has an anxiety disorder. It is triggered by work, and his stress at work (he works for a family business).  I also have an anxiety disorder (a lot less serious) that is triggered by relationship insecurities, thanks to my past emotionally manipulative and abusive partner.

He is on medication at the moment (wellbutrin and something else which I forget, it is a mood stabiliser), and he doesn't see a therapist (although he has in the past). I want to encourage him to see a therapist again, but when I bring it up he shuts me down, tells me he doesn't want to talk about it.

We had plans for me to go over to his house tonight, and hang out, but he texted me this morning and said his day was going horrible, and that it was better if I don't come over tonight, that he needs alone time, that he doesn't want to talk about it so don't ask. When I told him that I was around if he wanted to talk about it later,if there was anything I can do for him,  he said I don't ever want to talk about it, so don't ever ask, and to just leave him alone.
I don't know what to do. I want to be supportive, and be there for him, but I don't know what to do. I feel at a loss. I am moving into his house next weekend (a good chunk of my stuff is already there), and with that coming up I want to especially make sure that I am respecting his wishes and giving him the space he needs.

Any advice or suggestions, particularly from those who have been in our situation?

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On an application when it asks for the highest grade of school complete what would you put if you went to college for nearly three years but only got a 2 year degree? Circle two?

How about when it asks for credit hours earned by semester and quarter? I know how many overall hours I earned, should I just estimate?
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Anti-Ragging/Anti-Bullying Affidavit

Our college has made it mandatory for ALL the students to submit the Anti-Ragging (Anti-Bullying) Affidavit. You have to fill in ALL your emergency contacts, the contact no.s of the nearest hospital and police station as well as a declaration that you will not enter into any kind of such behaviour, to the threat of immediate expulsion and permanent black mark on your academic record, if caught.

Do you think this is a good idea? Or do you think expulsion/blacklisting is too harsh a punishment for some "harmless teasing"?

Our university takes this problems very very seriously, because people have lost their lives. We (as in, our college) also has a separate cell under Student Welfare Dept. to deal with any, and all, complaints related to ragging/bullying/harassment. Does your country/state have this kind of provision? If not, how strong/lax are the anti-bullying laws in your area?

To those interested, this is the website - Aman Movement. If you are a student in India, or know anyone, please encourage them to fill the form and share it around, also.

Brought to you by, yet another news item about some girl killing herself because of excessive bullying.
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Stupid Questions, But I Want Opinions

Background: My fiancé and I had been planning to get married in October of 2015, but due to insurance reasons we've decided to have a quick, small ceremony this October and keep our formal wedding plans for next year. Our plan for this year is to get married in our backyard and then go to dinner. We only invited our wedding party and immediate families.

My questions are:
1) How tacky is it to invite people out to dinner but ask them to pay their own way? We plan on offering to pay for drinks and appetizers. My fiancés friends think it's fine since we will be paying for their rehearsal and reception dinners next year but I'm still on the fence.

2) My best friend/maid of honor is flying in from Texas to NY for the weekend just to be here for me. I want to get her something to show how much I appreciate her going out of her way to be here for one weekend. Any suggestions?

3) I have several aunts & uncles that live in my very small town, but only one I'm somewhat close with. Should I let them know of our plan before it happens? I feel like the aunt I'm close to would be upset not being invited, but if we do invite her I think the others might get upset that we did invite her and not them. There's a good chance she'll find out about it anyway, but how do I tell her about it without inviting her?