September 17th, 2014

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I am doing my very first craft show at the Pagan Pride Festival this year.  I have a booth that is kind of away from everyone else, and someone suggested that I play some soft music for "ambiance."  I like this idea, and the event coordinator says it's ok, but I don't really know what's appropriate.  I guess New Age?  Drum circle stuff?  Belly dance type music?  Can anyone recommend anything in that area?

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Do you think a smile makes for a better headshot? I'm thinking of those little pictures that people have in, say, their "about me" profiles.

This post brought to you by a picture where the girl seriously looked like she had just squeezed one out on the toilet.
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Frivolous/Nostalgic Purchases...

So, I've had a pillow case with Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts gang on them since I was a baby - they were hand-me-downs from my older cousin. I had the full sheet set at one point, but only have the pillow case now for some reason. I love the shit out of this pillow case, and it's really worn out - threadbare, ripped, etc. It is on one of my pillows that I use to prop my head up when watching tv/reading in bed.

My coworker and I were talking about Snoopy stuff and I mentioned this pillow case, and tried finding a picture of it online to show her, and I actually found where someone on Etsy is selling a set of them for $25, plus $9 shipping (from Canada, I'm in the US). I'm actually really tempted to buy them since mine is in such rough shape, but I can't help but feel really silly for wanting them, especially since it's $30 for children's pillowcases.

So, should I buy them so I have back-ups when the one I have inevitably bites the dust? I've been refusing to get rid of the one I have because I love it so much and I've had it forever.

What's the most you've spent on a frivolous item just for the nostalgia factor?
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Do you play Scrabble? or Scrabble type word games on the computer/smart phone?

What are some words have you tried which have been DENIED????

brought to you by the word QEEF

Domestic fail.

Somehow, my boyfriend stumbled across that Pinterest recipe where you flatten biscuits, put string cheese and pepperoni inside, and make pizza balls. I'm not excited about it--but it's all he's talked about this week.

He's such a picky eater. I really don't think he realizes that I'm going to sub out the biscuit dough for pizza dough (wouldn't everyone else?) and I'm considering adding bacon. How would you guys make it?

I also need to make something else with it. He won't eat salad--and I'm putting garlic butter on the outside so no need for breadsticks. But what else? Some pasta thing?
Dessert? Maybe? What?

Also, we haven't cooked in my house since I moved in. It's cluttered with boxes and he understandably asked that I clean up before we cook in it. But I never had a full kitchen before--I'm guessing I don't clean the countertops with lemon pledge? No? Don't laugh at me.
I want it to be clean--but not smell clean to where it will interfere with the good food smells. Other than get all the junk out, trash out, and make sure the dishes are done and put away before he gets here--but I'm not really sure what else to do?
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all my rowdy friends

How many good, close friends do you have? And how do you define that as a close friendship? Is it because you can call/text them any time if you need a friendly ear or a shoulder to cry on? Or something else?

How many not-close friends that are closer than acquaintances do you have currently? Not just you watch their FB feed, but like you might see them/do stuff with them IRL occasionally, or you talk on the phone/chat/etc. once in a while about at least semi-personal stuff.

Is there stuff you'd never share with a friend, no matter how close you feel to that person?

DK/DC: which is preferable, original taco-flavored Doritos or Flamin' Hot Cheetos?
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Right, this is going to sound silly, but it’s been forever since I touched a guitar so:

In what way would you picture the strings being fixed below the bridge? There has to be a way to tune the guitar other than using the pegs, right? If I were talking about a violin or a cello, I’d be talking about adjusters. Does that make any sense? What would I use to fine-tune the strings on a guitar, and where would they be located?

Tips for getting a blood test

Recently a doctor said I should get blood tests to rule out arthritis after X-Rays turned out to show nothing untoward (I have been having pains in my left (non-dominant) hand on and off for the past couple of months)

Anyway, the blood taking for the tests was scheduled for last Wednesday. I went in, got numbing gel put on the insides of both of my elbows (I have a slight needle phobia due to a shit of a teacher telling me I was a stupid, silly girl for making a fuss over getting a vaccination when I was 12). Sat on the examination bed, she took out the vials for the blood, then I saw the needle and was 'nope nope nope' (I remembered how painful it was the last time blood was taken) and the blood taking didn't happen.

Anyone have any suggestion for tips to make me less nervous about getting blood taken? Is there anything I can take to calm me down?

I'm less nervous about vaccinations (still don't like them). Acupuncture? If it wasn't so expensive I'd get it every week, feels like my body is floating away.