September 14th, 2014

Lawn abuse

Do you care how your neighbors yard/grass looks?

Our landlady wants us to mow our lawn literally every other day and we have health issues that make this so not do-able, nor do we have the funds to hire someone else to do it for us that often. Our grass is maybe only three or four inches tall right now. Is this something most people get stressed over or does my landlady need to get a damn hobby?

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Poll #1982124 Excuse me ma'am / sir

How do you feel about being called sir or ma'am by strangers in polite situations?

It's just fine, of course sir.
It really bothers me more than I can even communicate properly

Personally, I expect to be called sir by people I don't know.
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When filling out a job application if you don't remember the rate of pay you started at what do you put?  What about for the supervisor?  Put who your supervisor was?  What if they don't work there anymore (I don't know if they do or don't, but hypothetically)? Do they actually contact these people? It's been over 6 years since I worked there and in that time I've transitioned to male. So if they call to ask about me my previous employer won't know who they mean.

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How much would be too much for a gym membership for you?

There is a gym literally the next street around from my house, it's the nicest in town. However its £48 a month for 4 months (think $65).