September 11th, 2014

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Many years ago I was in the car with my mother and two youngest siblings (both in diapers at the time) and we had a tire blowout while on the highway. It was dark and raining but my mom was able to pull over without incident. Fortunately, a State Patrol officer stopped and offered us a helping hand.

Have any of you ever experienced a blowout while driving on the highway? Either as a passenger or the driver? If you were the driver, what did you do? Were there any injuries? Please tell me about your experience.
  • piperki

hey baby, I'm your handyman

If you live with someone else--which of you is the most handy around the house for repairing stuff (plumbing, hammering things, electrical doodads that go bad, etc.)? What's the most extensive/crazy home or appliance repair you or your handy housemate have taken on?