September 10th, 2014

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so who's watching this season of Face Off?

1. which contestant(s) do you love?
2. which contestant(s) do you not love?
3. who are you hoping makes the final three?
4. how many hats do you think Cig has in his collection?
5. did you agree with who was chosen as winner of the Judge Match episode?

my answers:
1. I like them all this season, surprisingly. but I'm totally Team Keaghlan. That girl is awesome.
2. No one really rubs me the wrong way. which is the first season that's happened.
3. I think it's gonna be Keaghlan, Stella and Cig. Tho I could also see George, Sasha or Dina as well.
4. 100 at least. Now how many we'll see him wear...that depends, lol.

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bonus question #6. did you ever picture Glenn as a cat guy? (I never would have.)

not watching Face Off: what one show are you looking forward to starting/restarting this fall?
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I got a pet collar and tag for my boyfriend's cat and the cat HATES it. We moved into an apartment that opens onto the street and the cat has gotten out once and he also managed to slide out of his pet harness while he was outside with us once too, so I feel like the collar/tag is pretty necessary. How long is it going to take for him to get used to it? Is there anything I can do to ease this painful transition for our kitty?

edit: It's important to me that he has a visible sign of belonging to someone and that people will be willing to help him. Microchipping is a great idea, but only works if someone takes the time to take a maybe-stray to a shelter to be scanned. 

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What do you do when religious people (Jehovah's Witnesses, other church people) come to your door?  Is it rude to stop them as they begin their spiel and say "I don't want that [this is referencing the pamplet they inevitably have] thanks" and then close the door?

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I moved to a new place! I've joined some classes (eta: exercise) and clubs which haven't started yet, and will probably join the gym.
So how do I go from being classmates with someone to real world friends? Without coming on too strong?
ETA: I spoke to someone a while back who said she meets a lot of people/fills empty weekends with online dates/tinder meetups. Whats your take? I feel like one could accidentally end up in a relationship and neglect to make friends outside it. 
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Srs/Non-Srs - A bisexual man is two-timing with a brother and a sister

A completely ridiculous Love triangle scenerio, based on a story I read last night.

A bisexual man, let's call him Gary, is dating a brother and a sister. Or to be more precise, Gary is two-timing his not-serious boyfriend with a girl, without realising they're brother and sister. In fact, he doesn't even know that they know each other. The siblings both know they are sleeping with the same guy, but they're completely cool with it. They're also completely okay with keeping him in dark, because while he's a two-timing scumbag, he's also hot and good in bed.

Now. The girl ends up pregnant. She tells her brother, but not Gary. She says she'll tell him in her own time. She's willing to raise the kid by herself, if it comes to that. Meanwhile, Gary starts getting serious about the brother, who, in turn, feels guilty about accepting his advances because this is the guy that's knocked up his sister, even if he doesn't know it. Finally, Gary has a very open stand on kids. He likes the idea of kids (some day in the future), but he's also not the kind of guy who'd turn a girl carrying his child away.

The Question: How would you like the whole situation to be played out? As in which characters do you want to end up together? Should the girl stop sleeping with Gary, because he is getting serious about the brother, and the fact that she is pregnant will only complicate the matters. Should the brother dump him, because well, even if his sister is fine with it, imagine the family dinners. Or should they BOTH dump the guy?

Please no threesome, make a definite choice.
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