September 8th, 2014


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You're facebook friends with your ex. It's been EONS since you were together, but you're FB friends nonetheless. You speak to him/her MAYBE once every 3 years.

Today they write: Having a hard time holding on.
And further comment: Having a real hard time with life right now.

What do you do?

This is happening right now and I felt this urge to just get up and call him to see that he's okay.
But I feel a little ridiculous. He's not in my life anymore and he has friends that he can go to.

Would you even contemplate messaging or calling?

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Do you have a physical attribute that people often comment on in an awkward way that is neither positive or negative ("you're so tall!" "you have really red hair!" etc.)? How do you respond?

Inspired by getting informed that my "hair is SO long!" at least once a week yet still continuing to respond things like "oh...yeah..."