September 5th, 2014

Chandler & The Drill

Phobias, fears & spiders

How would you define a phobia vs. a fear?

I once read a definition, I can’t remember where, that said that a phobia would cause you to leave an otherwise normal situation just in order to avoid the cause of your phobia, even if logic dictated that you stay in the situation and deal with it. I’m curious because I don’t know if I have arachnophobia, or if I’m just scared of spiders.

[A brief story about a spider]

I once saw a very large house spider in my bedroom on top of my books at about 10pm, tried to catch it (with a large container, obviously) and it scuttled down the bookshelf. I didn’t know where it had gone exactly, so I stayed up for about five hours with one eye on the bookshelf, so that if it reappeared I could catch it. I was so close to falling asleep by 3am that I went to go sleep on the sofa in the living room. I sprayed Raid liberally on the living room doorframes, and around the sofa, before I was remotely comfortable going to sleep.

The thing is, I’m only terrified of certain spiders. I don’t particularly like garden spiders, but I’ll still garden with them around. I don’t mind daddy-long-legs or (British) harvestmen. I quite like tiny spiders like money-spiders, and up to about 1cm leg-span doesn’t bother me much. I’m also okay with huge spiders, if they’re in the “tarantula” category. If I woke up to see a tarantula crawling up the duvet, I’d be freaked out and scared but I wouldn’t panic. If I woke up to see a large, technically harmless, house spider crawling up the duvet I would panic, scream, and either freeze or flail. What is up with that?

What are your phobias and/or fears?

help! need small gift idea!

Help me TQC, you're my only hope!

I have a colleague who has always been friendly to me and was extra nice when I was new. They are hosting a webinar at their institution today for a local consortium. I am on the executive board for said consortium.

There was a bit of a snafu and miscommunication between myself, the host, and the presenter about the type of conference room needed and amenities. This came to light yesterday and the host got frazzled and was apologetic and was scrambling to make accommodations so everything would work for today.

I would like to give him a small ($10 or less) thank-you gift from myself for hosting and to show my thanks to him for doing so much to make sure everything will go smoothly. I have NO idea what to get him. Since we are professional colleagues, I don't know anything about his personal life or hobbies. I think he is in his 50's, maybe early 60s. The only remotely personal thing I know about him and we have joked about is we both like the "mango on a stick" they sell at the festivals and fairs around town.

what should I get him?

dk/dc: what is your favorite and least favorite planet in the solar system? why?

(no subject)

Are you good at asking for help? Professionally, privately, emotionally, medically, whatever?

DK/DC; you have a time machine, in which you can make three (and only three) trips. You may use one trip to change something in your own past, one trip to witness a past event, and one trip to change the world. No cheating, any attempts to game the system will dump you in a primaeval swamp with no way back to the future. What do you do with your three trips?

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Have you ever been in a polygamous relationship or know someone who has?

How did it work out?

For anyone who has been-would you have any advice to give to those considering or in one?

DK/DC-Which is your favourite-Batman or Superman?