September 2nd, 2014

me, rexy

Following up to another person's question...

I want to ask something based on another's post (hope that's okay!)

They asked "Can you tell me about the first time when someone you cared about was slowly pushing you away? How did you cope with it and move on?"

but my question is - When someone you care about, a friend, is pushing you away, or you suspect they are... Do you tell them you feel that way? How do you ask them whether they really are purposely making that distance between you?


I left the house around 10 am and left some frozen ground turkey (in its packaging) on the counter. Came home around 9 pm, and I felt the turkey, not only was it thawed out, but it felt warm.

It's currently cooking in a pot, but I am thinking now maybe I should have tossed it?!

Please help! Should I eat this or toss it? (I didn't smell it before putting it in the pot).