September 1st, 2014

Chandler & The Drill

Family stuff

Has anyone in your family ever deliberately broken up a long-term relationship for no obvious reason? If so, did you ever find out a reason? Are those people still happy?

(My older sister and her husband recently separated. We were all surprised, as they seemed to have a stable, amicable marriage, which lasted about 20 years. They owned a house together (plus the mortgage). They have two sons: one twenty-one and one sixteen. Both of my nephews are nice, well-adjusted people. They’ve now sold their house and are both living in rented flats in the same city. Neither of them is dating anyone else. They still seem to get on, and are friendly with each other.)
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With a more than a few vegans not in favor of the ALS ice bucket challenge because of testing on animals it made me wonder: do vegans research whether their medications are cruelty free or not? Does it matter if it's just Tylenol or whether it's a life saving (or maintaining) medication?

I can understand not wanting to eat an animal or test cosmetics on them but life saving medications is a whole different thing in my opinion.