August 31st, 2014


Thoughts on Business Names and Email Identities

I'm an American expat living abroad and I make most of my money by editing/proofreading English. So far I just work for one organization but I was thinking of putting out posters at appropriate places (universities, the school where I study) to find more work. Diversification and all of that.

Do you think it's better to just go by my real name? Or to set up some kind of cutesy business name/email/website/etc.?

There are a couple people out there who think they have my gmail address. Or one of my gmail addresses, rather; my first and last name combo is rare enough so that my "real name" gmail doesn't suffer from mistaken identity. But my other gmail address (that I use mostly as a sign-up email and for anything related to my Etsy store) periodically gets password reset emails for sites I've never signed up with, email newsletters I've never signed up for, and one time I even got a PDF of an organization's travel documents for a trip to the Ivory Coast. Has this happened to any of you? Did you ever find the person who thought they had your email address? I just unsubscribe from things as they come, but is there anything I else I can/should be doing?

(I keep tabs on my finances and ~online presence~ enough to be sure that no one is trying to intentionally steal my identity or whatever.)
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I've been trying for as long as I can remember to grow my hair, but it's just not happening.  The last time I was at my hairdressers (I go every 6-8 weeks), I was told by one of the other girls who works there that if you put olive oil on your roots for 15 minutes every day for 2 weeks (rinsing thoroughly every time of course), that you will notice a difference.  Has anyone here tried this, or do you have any other tips for making it grow?
Thank you :)
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I'm 14 weeks pregnant. What should I start stocking up on besides diapers and wipes? What items should I start looking into buying and what should I wait to buy after the baby shower?

Dk/dc: what's your favorite boy name?

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1.) What do you do with your personal items at work?
I usually leave my phone and purse in the car, but its so hot I'm going to have to start using the lockers without locks in the office everyone shares :/

2.) What did you do today?
I went to a huge flea market in another state and scored Eureeka's Castle toys <3<3<3

3.) What's the last product you tried and liked?
The St. Ives continuous spray lotion sprays super even and smells very nice, I'm surprised.
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nice shiny teeth

What kind of toothbrush and toothpaste do you currently use?

My friend and my hygienist both harped on me to get a Sonicare brush, so I did. I do NOT like the way it feels, but it was pretty expensive so I feel like I have to keep using it. It does the job as advertised, it just feels awful.

We have a large selection of toothpastes in my bathroom, but my favorite is Tom's, which I keep in my desk at work.

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Have you ever bought anything off an infomercial? Was it everything it was supposed to be?

(Inspired by the fact that every time there's an advert for the "Chop Magic, I find myself really wanting one, but apparently they're terrible, and you can't get your money back if you're disappointed.)

DK/DC; what's for breakfast?