August 30th, 2014

  • piperki


Which of the following things can make you puke?

Coughing really hard
Eating something disgusting
Seeing/hearing someone else puke
Brushing your teeth
Extreme pain

What's the most inconvenient place you've ever tossed your cookies?
if i'm lost for a day try to find me

apartment utilities

I'm looking at renting my first apartment and just having trouble figuring out how much utilities cost. Does anyone know a good way to gauge that? Everyone I know lives in a house and has not been useful in helping me estimate.

The place I'm currently looking at is a mulit-family house. The landlord pays water and the tenant pays electric. It has an electric stove, electric heating and window AC units. Do you think it's going to be really expensive?

I know it's different depending on where you live but any advice would be appreciated!

So how much do you pay for utilities and what does that entail (garbage collection? water? maintenance? )

(no subject)

I can get an upgrade on my phone but don't know if I want to go with another iPhone, or with a Samsung. I like that the Samsung has a bigger screen. I was looking at the Samsung Galaxy S5 because I can get it free if I go with a refurbished one. If I went with an iPhone it would likely be the 4S. I've looked at a few comparisons between the two and it seems like the Samsung is the better of the two, but I really don't know much about phones. I really hate phone shopping.

To those who have had both iPhones and Samsungs, which one did you like better?

Have you ever had a refurbished phone? How did that work out for you?