August 29th, 2014

Grumpy Angel

Business Casual?

Backstory: I work with a fairly young team of consultants (SLPs, OTs, psychologists) in a school division setting.  Our central office does not have a formalized dress code, but the superintendent has requested that we dress "business casual." The most emphasis has been put on not wearing jeans or yoga pants.

1 - What do you personally define as business casual?
2 - What is your opinion on dresses with leggings as business casual wear?  Acceptable? Not acceptable?
3- What are your thoughts regarding shoulders and business casual wear?  We have had some people suggest that one's shoulders should always be covered, and others say that provided the top has wide enough straps to cover bra straps, isn't too low cut, and is a dressier type of top, it is Ok.  So, no cotton racer-back athletic tops, but something like this ( would be Ok.

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How do you feel about frozen yogurt (dairy or non-dairy, whatever applies to you)?
Do you get it at supermarket? Frozen yogurt places?
If you do, what frozen yogurt places do you go to?

If not, what dessert/snack type things have you been into recently?
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Those of you with a multiple dog household

How many dogs do you have?
If you have more than one dog, have you ever experienced your dogs fighting? Was it bad? Did it happen again?

I just moved in with my boyfriend over a month ago. I have an intact male dog and so does my bf.
Before I moved in the dogs got along fine but now they're fighting over dominance and it doesn't help an intact female lives in the house as well (for the most part seperated from the boys. No puppies!)
The boys are due to be neutered next week in hopes it helps them stop fighting.

Anyone else have this experience?
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hot diggity

Do you like hot dogs? If so, what kind? Tofu is an acceptable answer, but specify brand because I find Tofu Pups super creepy.

What would you like on your hot dog? What is a completely unacceptable hot dog condiment for you?

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Does this look ok? I messed up when trimming my beard. This week just hasn't been good as far as hair cutting goes. With the haircut that's nbd, I really like it now. But with this I just feel really upset and sad. It is even on both sides btw, shadows just look make it look weird.
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So in the last few years I've been taking an increase of some basic pain killers (Aleve, Advil, Bayer) for my knee. (No big injury or anything--just wear and tear from exercise.)
All of them eventually hurt my kidneys in about 30-45mins after taking them. I've had kidney infections before, and its the same deep back pain--so I can only assume its my kidneys.
It used to only be Advil...but now its anything. I found some low dose generic muscle relaxers I got for a riding accident in the winter and tried those tonight, same thing.
All of this was just kind of annoying until my mom was getting a prescription filled and mentioned my problem to the pharmacist, and he said he had never heard of that. So now I think I'm crazy and/or broken :(
Someone here has had this problem before right? RIGHT!?

DK/DC: How do you stay motivated, avoid procrastination, and keep energized?
I've got a million things to do and my brain is just like -nope.-