August 24th, 2014


I'm looking for a good odor-blocking deodorant that's good for sensitive skin. I've been using Dove for the past few years but it's just not cutting it anymore.

Any recommendations? 

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Do any of you crazy pet owners celebrate your pets' birthdays?

How do you do it?

My kitty is turning 2 tomorrow and I'm buying her some special wet food and getting her some new toys.

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My wireless network is not showing up on my router nor is it connecting. Before even when I lose connectivity, it still shows up on the list. I do have internet access because it works if I plug in my ethernet cable to the router but I can't find it on the list of available networks. Is it possible I deleted it off the list? Is there a way to make it show up?
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I hate about 99% of surprises. I need to know, as much as I can, what's next. Little surprises like an unexpected but inexpensive gift are OK but I can't deal with big surprises.

How do you feel about surprises?


I'm bored. Are you bored?


well that was an abject failure. Guess nobody is on line on Sunday evening. Leave Haji a message and he will answer tomorrow. I start learning how to drive a truck tomorrow. Will you wish me luck?
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what are your best remedies for sunburn, tqc? any particular products you feel are better than the rest?
brought to you by the splotchy randomness that is currently residing on my back. i didn't even get a solid, respectable farmer's tan...curse these t.rex arms :(

dk/dc/i don't burn: if something works really well, but doesn't smell good, how much less likely are you to use it? eg. cleaning products, hair/skin products, etc?

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I've been doing my reading, and I think I can safely distinguish between Abbey, Abbess, Abbot (with or without Costello), Abattoir, and Oubliette.

I'm still left with a few questions. Is every Mother Superior an Abbess? Is every Convent an Abbey? Is there such a title as Father Superior, and does it mean the same thing as Abbot? Is every Monastery an Abbey? Who's on First?

dear leader

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So I work a job where I cannot wear shoes (but can wear socks) and am constantly walking around, standing, moving, etc etc. Obviously this kills my feet. Does anyone know of something out there that's sock-like or even slipper like, but with a little more support? I don't know, like a yoga shoe? But does that even provide arch support?

So many questions.