August 18th, 2014


subscription gifts

what are your goals for this week?

my grandmas birthday is coming up but i never have any idea what to get her. are subscription clubs in general a good idea for older people/those less mobile? Since she doesnt get out as much I thought getting a nice surprise once a month in the mail would be nice. is that lame sounding?

have you ever given a subscription as a gift, or are you a member of a monthly club? what is it for?

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Which major douche-canoe recording artist would you rather hang out with: Paul McCartney or Billy Corgan?

Bonus round: Which recording artist do you enjoy their music but couldn't bear the thought of hanging out with them?

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I'm going to Montreal for a few days' break, on my own, at the end of the week. What are some good things to do there? Recommendations for Ottowa also welcome!

DK/DC; what do you wear when you're at home and not in bed? Do you have specific "at home" clothes, or do you just wear whatever you wore for work that day?
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Music videos & quizzes

What are your favourite music videos?
Do your top three videos fit with your top three songs?

Mine (videos):
Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal (full version)
Linkin Park – In The End
Smashing Pumpkins – Today

No, although all three of those songs would be in my top one hundred.

DK/DC Have you ever taken a test or quiz online which gave you accurate results? If so, do you think the results were coincidental, or a genuine result? If there was such a thing as a real online test which was guaranteed to give a you real and accurate result, which you could only use once, for one thing, what would you use it for?
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apple, Iphone, Itunes, Icloud

I though if you choose to pick itunes to sync your iphone to that all the data went into your computer.

so how can itunes be OUT of capacities? I don't understand! isn't that the point of connecting to itunes? so it backs up onto your computer?

I looked at the storage on my iphone, icloud is full. BUT there's NOTHING on my phone to delete off icloud. HOW do I even look at icloud? My phone isn't set to backup to icloud so HOW can I be out of space?

I'm sort frustrated at the moment. Early my phone decided "itunes cannot read the contents of my phone" I had to jump through hoops to get it to even look at my phone. I though surely that's where you would look to see what went to icloud nope.

I really don't get technology some times. Any one else sharing any of my problems? anyone have better understanding of itunes and iphones?