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August 16th, 2014

(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2014|11:54 am]
The Question Club


[mood |apatheticapathetic]

What is your favorite cure for ennui?

When was the last time your feelings got hurt?
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(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2014|02:18 pm]
The Question Club


What does your work produce or provide that your work ALSO needs or consumes or whatever?
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PS3 question [Aug. 16th, 2014|03:51 pm]
The Question Club


I'm running low on space on ps3.

Can you use a USB port to save data?

Anyone ran low on space on ps3? what did you do?
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(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2014|04:25 pm]
The Question Club


My husband's been getting a lot of calls from his mother lately (like three or four a day), and he's been ignoring all of them (which isn't weird). What's weird is that usually when she wants something from him and he doesn't answer, she calls me, and that hasn't happened. When I ask him what she wants, he says it's stupid and "not worth going into." Various avenues of questioning meet brick walls, which is also odd because usually he seems to enjoy venting to me.

Now, obviously my husband has a right to not tell me stuff, but I'm starting to get paranoid that the reason he won't tell me is because it has something to do with me.

What do YOU think she's calling about? (NON-SRS PLEASE)
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What Would You Do???? [Aug. 16th, 2014|05:35 pm]
The Question Club


So, I work for a company that has been negotiating a contract for workers since 2013.  It's a unionized part of the company.  If we vote for "yes" for the 'tentative agreement' the stipulations are:Read more...Collapse )
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work [Aug. 16th, 2014|06:25 pm]
The Question Club


I have boomeranged back to my parents house and will be here for the foreseeable future.
What can I do to help around the house?


Mom WILL NOT let me near her kitchen.
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