August 14th, 2014


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I'm dog sitting for a family I do not know. I've had their dog for over two months and am expected to keep him until December. Before agreeing to watch him while they moved I told them that I'll be traveling with my family for a week starting this Sunday (they've known for three months) and they needed to find alternative care for their dog as no one will be here to watch him. I sent them an email last week and two more this week as well as phone calls reminding them about the trip, and asking what time they'll be picking up their dog Saturday with no response.

They've done everything I've requested so far so I don't feel they're abandoning their dog with me (made payments on time, got him licensed, have him UTD with all vetting before coming, plus they have kids that have grown up with him since he was a puppy-he's 7 now) but they've never waited this long to correspond with me when I email and I feel like with only three days to go a pick up time should have been arranged by now.

What should I do? Am I worrying for nothing?  I can't get a hold of them, I know they still have another day after today before they need to come get him but I'm still worried.
I feel as though my only option if they don't contact would be to kennel their dog until they removed him (I would not be covering that fee as they left me no choice), but I'd feel so bad about there something else I can do? I don't have any friends or family willing or able to watch him.

What would you do?!
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Do you think superheroes have to get special insurance policies? They cause a lot of damage. And then there's scenarios like The Incredibles, where Mr. Incredible saves someone who doesn't want to be saved. Could there be superhero malpractice suits? 

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do you like shellfish, like shrimp, crab, and lobster? why or why not?

I know people who don't like them because they are bottom dwellers, so I'm curious to hear more on this thought.

I personally love them all. I recently boiled dungeness crab with old bay and dipped the meat in melted butter. yum.

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Have you ever complimented someone only for them to respond with something akin to "I know"?

Have you ever done it?

Can you think of a socially acceptable way to agree with a compliment without coming off as an asshole?

dk/dc/I hate compliments: What is the coolest/weirdest thing you've ever seen sold at a farmers market? 
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Clockwork Orange for Consumerism

Have you ever gone into a store only for them to drive you out without purchasing anything because their music is so friggin' annoying?

I feel like this has gotten worse in growing years or maybe it's just the bargain type stores that I shop in. Although, some of the health food stores can have kids with bad taste in charge of the stereo -- not just large chains blasting the super synthesized pop-rap 'till your ears bleed. Or does that actually make some people buy more? What is the logic?

Is there a store where you love (or at least can tolerate) the music they play or do you prefer to just shop in silence at all times?

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Any tips for finding a plus size (20?? 24??) flapper style dress for under $150 or so?

My measurements are 50" 45" 58" and I am having a freaking hell of a time finding anything 20's style in my budget.

Would like to stay away from costumey things but I will take what I can get at this point -_-