August 12th, 2014


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What do you put your heart and soul into? What are your passions?

What are your hobbies? How old were you when you picked up each?

How do you spend your time?

What do you wish you had time for?

Have you ever been depressed? Do you have depression? Do you think there's a way out of depression?
Don't Say Anything Stupid

Any fish experts in the crowd tonight?

So, I'm having a problem with re-introducing my crowntail betta, Paarthurnax (nickname Paarty) back into my main aquarium.

First off, I want to mention that the only other fish in my aquarium at the moment is a young bristlenose pleco, Alduin (Al for short). I got Al first, back in early April, and then I got Paarty in mid-June. There was a bit of tension for the first day or so after introducing Paarty into the tank, but it never went beyond him flashing his fins at Al and then swimming away. After about two or three days, they were perfectly cool with each other.

A little over a week ago, I came back home from my vacation to discover that Paarty had come down with fin rot. I moved him to a temporary 1.5-gallon "quarantine" container and spent the next eight days regularly changing the water and treating him with aquarium salt.

The fin rot was easily treated, everything went fine. His fins were healing up beautifully, and today I decided to re-introduce him to the tank.

Apparently, while Paarty was in quarantine Al decided that the tank now belonged to him. So while he didn't notice Paarty in his little bag being acclimatized to the tank, he DID get really upset as soon as Paarty was released. Which led to a lot of thrashing from Al, and Paarty flashing his fins and taking dives and trying to bite Al. Neither fish really got hurt by the encounter, but Paarty's fins are all torn up again now. Which I'm kind of upset about because of how long it took to get them looking normal again over the last week. :c I decided to try taking Al out of the tank and putting him in the Backup Bucket (the bucket I usually move him and Paarty into when I'm changing the water in the main tank) in the hopes of calming him down and re-introducing him later, hopefully with better results, while Paarty gets more comfortable back in his old home again.

But I don't really know if this is a smart move, and I'll admit: before I got Paarty and Al, I really didn't know anything about fish care, so having them both has been a learning experience for me. I don't really know how to proceed from here.

Anybody have any advice? How long should I wait before trying to introduce Al back into the tank without them fighting again? Should I try getting a divider for the tank to keep them separated until they learn to relax again, or am I basically screwed at this point?

Serious answers are super preferred, but I'm totally down with non-serious/joke answers too. I've been stressing out way too much over this and could use the laugh, I think!


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Does anyone here get Naturebox snack boxes? I got one through a promotional deal and there is something in there called sea salt pop pops, sea salted popcorn kernals. They are not like popcorn in that they are not made normal pop corn kernals, nor are they fully popped. It's like an actual kernal of corn, like a cornnut, but not hard like a cornnut but partially popped up, some even just broken slightly. Does anyone know how to make something like this, or what search combo I could try to find it online? I've tried all types of combos in google but can't find anything.