August 9th, 2014

Eddie McDowd

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What actions does one take if he gets a court summons (being sued) but he's not the intended recipient of that summons?

Details: A guy brought a summons to my house saying my dad is being sued over an account with a bank that I know he does not do business with. The guy with the bad account & true recipient just has the same name as my dad. The messenger would not leave the paperwork with me, he wanted my dad to get it. He did allow me to snap a photo of the lawyer's info on the final page of the paperwork.

Who should my dad contact to clarify that this is mistaken identity?

edit: To my responders...Thanks!

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What's your favorite app, and what's so great about it?

Will you share a bizarre dating story?

What is your favorite urban legend? Bonus points if it's specific to your culture/ethnicity.

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I am running a small event where there is to be a 'traveling circus/caravan.' This will be made up of several people running small activities/games for the entertainment of those attending. So far I have someone doing Tarot readings and someone doing the shell game (where you have three cups and a shell and people have to guess what cup it is under-if anyone knows the proper name of this that would be great). I was also thinking of having 'gypsy refreshments' and maybe facepaint or henna, but it'll be in November so most people will be covered up.

What other activities do you think would fit in with this idea? It's an event where most of the people will be 14+ and the activities will all be free. But passive events (like tarot readings) and actual games (like the shell/cup game) would both be awesome.

DK/DC: Have you even been to the circus and when was the last time you went? How was it?

benson and stabler

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Can anyone who knows anything about computers tell me whether the HP 15t would be a good buy or not? I'd mainly be using it to play Sims 2, stream Netflix, and spend time on the internet, but it would also be a back-up computer for work stuff (which mainly consists of writing and internet research).

random hair dye question

Once upon a time, years and years ago, I used this standard commercial hair dye product (not an alternative dye like manic panic or anything like that), I'm sure I got it at a local grocery store, and I feel very positive that the color was called eggplant, but in reality it totally could have been called something else. My hair is naturally medium brown; after using this dye it was almost black colored - but when it was backlit it had a very strong purple highlight which I associate as eggplant colored (hence why I feel so strongly that it was called eggplant). I was in the grocery today and all the colors are called black, soft black, darkest brown, auburn...just regular hair colors.
Does anyone have an idea what brand/what color hair dye that might have been, if it even still exists? I really want to find it.
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General Chang


So way back in my mid teens, my folks got me an aftershave/deodorant pack for my birthday/chrismas. I'm now mid-twenties and only earlier this year did I run out. So you can see I didn't use it often but it was useful for when I nicked myself or ended up with razor rash.

Then i took a look a supermarket men's toiletries aisle for a bit. and stared amazed at the breadth and range of different pre-, during, and post- shaving goops they had and gave up in sheer bewilderment.

what aftershave to you use? Where's the best place to go to get some simple aftershave?

dk/dc/don't shave: Do you have many tv boxsets on Dvd? have you watched them through more than once? Were they worth it?